[SOLVED] Cubasis crashes (on iOS 9.3.5)

Since I got no single answer:
Since the 2.4 Update of Cubasis, the app crashes when drawing notes in the midi editor or activating note repeat.
I am really disappointed. I bought Cubasis few days before the 2.4 Update and was really happy with it.
Now it is completely unusable. Support is not answering.

Using an ipad 3 with iOS 9.3.5.

Yup, having the same problem.

…also using ipad 3 on iOS 9.3.5.

I am experiencing the exact same issue today. It is weird though, because my Ipad is in software Ios 9.3.5 and declares in being “up to date”. Cubasis shouldn´t have updated then in the app store automatically if I wasn´t having the requirements to meet its proper run. I am then requesting support and have sent an email. Hope you guys can help us!

I have the same problem - impossible to draw midi notes without Cubasis crashing

Hi edcarnby,

Please provide us with a short clip that visualises the problem, so we can have a look at it.
Please upload the clip via DropBox or similar and share the link via private message.


It is really simple. As soon as I draw a note in midi editor or activating note repeat on the keyboard. Cubasis freezes for less than a second and closes itself.

Another question, can you guys use AUs on 9.3.5?

If you can’t fix the Problem, could you plz make the 2.4 Version iOS10+ only so we can install the old version until the Problem gets fixed?

I’m more than disappointed by Steinberg. I bought an older ipad only for Cubasis after waiting years for an android/Samsung pro audio version. After a few days you killed the app with an update which was obviously not tested on older devices…
No help in the forums no reply to emails.
You didn’t sell a 5 bucks app!

Can’t understand why there is no Android Version either…

Hi all,

The topic has been shared with our engineering.
Please allow us to evaluate the issue, before we will be able to provide a feedback.



I’m on an iPad mini running iOS 9.3.5 and am having the same issue. If I go to my MIDI editor and touch anything it crashes. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Hi Marcello, Hi all,

As stated earlier, our engineering is evaluating the issue.
We hope, being able to provide a solution soon.


Thanks Lars.

Any news?
Can’t you simply make the 2.4 Version iOS 10 only, so we can download the latest stable Version for 9.3.5 without jailbreaking our devices?

Hi edcarnby,

It is planned to have the issue solved with the next update.
Unchanged, we hope being able to release the update very soon.

Best wishes,

Thx for your instant reply.
Any Idea what “very soon” means?
At least, if it means days or weeks?
I don’t have any Idea how frequently updates are released for Cubasis.

Hi edcarnby,

The Cubasis 2.4 update has been released just recently.
Due to the complexity of the app, releasing an update involves major time-consuming and extensive testing.

The upcoming 2.4.1 update will be announced once it becomes available.
We do our best to have it ready sometime soon.

Best wishes,

Same problem here … IOS 9.3.3 on an iPad 4th generation. Guess its back to Auria till when this gets fixed. Please hurry … I really like Cubasis better than Auria for Midi :+1:

Hi cloudswimmer,

Testing of the supplemental update is near completion…
Shouldn’t take too long from here.


Dear all,

Cubasis 2.4.1 is available and addresses the Cubasis issues on iOS 9.3.5:

Best wishes,