Please return: transparent events + wave image style menu

I’m not sure why it seemed like a good idea to exchange something practical for something that looks cooler. First of all, you should be able to do both. Second, if you can’t, then stick with the practical. That’s what makes a good audio tool a good audio tool. Please, please, please. Bring back transparent events so that I can start using Cubase 6!! I’ll be sticking with 5.5.2 until it this feature is re-implemented.


This seems like a very important issue - why have the moderators made no comment yet :question:

Actually, they have …

Well, I have already explained the situation in this topic, and there is not much new to add since that. We know that this is a hot topic. I am not much of a fan announcing news as long as there are none, respectively when the time is not yet there. To sum it up very clearly: We have not started to ignore the issue.

LOL … Christian, do I have permission to use this one at work. That’s brilliant!

EDIT: Here’s one of my all time fave’s… “Resubmit in 90 days for further disapproval”

just waiting for the ignorance to begin right here… :wink:

First I wanted to say, on a serious note:

Christian (and others Steinberg folks)…thanks for listening…and then taking the time to post and let us know that you aware of our concerns. Really, Thanks!

Second, on a very UNserious note:

I’d like to add to our collection:

“It’s our plan to be very clear on that, very soon”

…and my all time favorite…

“The beatings will continue until morale improves”

+1 Transparent events are crucial for me…

I apologize in advance for being difficult, but I fail to see how telling us that “It’s just not ready” is AT ALL a valid explanation after this many users have made it perfectly clear that a lack of transparent events is a dealbreaker.

Can we get some kind of ETA? Some kind of useful information other than “Sorry, we released beta software for public consumption”?

I would have never purchased C6 if I had known in advance that Steinberg had done away with the feature most crucial for my workflow.

I want this feature in C6. I use it in Studio4 every single time I edit anything. BRING IT BACK. Please.

+1 for returning with transparent events. It is such a workflow breaker not having it. For things that need to be TIGHTLY edited, the lack of it is a really really really big pita.

+100,002 - Bring back transparent events and stop adding in useless features, dumbing down a great product, which is starting to lose serious ground to its more workflow friendly competitors…Good grief SB!!! I’ve got no choice but to stick with 5.52 and yes I’m a sucker for buying C6, which is now a pretty icon on my desktop.

With the greatest of respect and understanding towards Christian D, I’m wetting myself laughing regarding some of the obviously (lost intranslation) and unintentionally bizarre comments!!! Genius. Move over Dubya

Though in his defence, they’re not as bad as that awful C6 promo video…eek! :laughing:

I remain a Cubase fan. Seriously, it’s awesome! Well almost, depending on the release you have, but with the next release - maybe not, possibly…but don’t worry, wait indefinitely for news about when they’ll be able to give you news :open_mouth:

Just installed Cubase 6. It looks great!
But +1 for the return of transparent events!
Until then, i’m back with cubase 5…

I’m not going to be installing my upgrade until transparent events is implemented in C6. I’m a big supporter of Cubase, and I really don’t understand why Steinberg even released C6 without it. Slip editing with transparent events is by far the easiest and most pleasant form of editing all around IMO.

So how 'bout them transparent events :mrgreen:

Another vote to bring this back asap. I find no reason to give SB $150 until they do.

+1 Return transparent events this is crucial for all the users of cubase!!!

Was away from the forum for 6 weeks or something - any news on this one?

I am stuck to C5 just because of that. I feel that C6 is a great release, but I will not be able to work in it for now.

Well …
there should be an update release by the end of March, AFAIR.

As this has been buried in the lounge, I don’t hold my breath, though.
I’ve learned, to never expect anything from Steinberg.
( … you can’t go wrong with this ‘approach’ :wink: )

bye, Jan

Have a look in the new 6.0.1 pre-release update



Well… Thanks.

Drag Opacity: As a replacement for transparent
events like in Cubase 5, a new behavior has been
implemented: when dragging Events or Parts in the
Project window, dragged objects reduce their
background color opacity as long as the object is
moved with a pressed mouse button. This reveals the
grid lines of the Project window underneath the content
of the dragged object and allows you to align the peak
of a waveform exactly with a specific line of the grid. It
can be also used to align the content of one object
exactly with the content of another one. As a
consequence, it is now general behavior that dragged
Events (or Parts) no longer leave their image at their
original position in the Project window. However, while
dragging an object, press the [ALT] modifier key (which
is used for copy) to display the object at its original
position from where it was dragged. The Drag Opacity
can be adjusted freely in File > Preferences > Event
Display > Drag Opacity from full to zero opacity. The
default setting is a medium value.

This sounds quite cool. But why is this a replacement instead of an ad on? Why is it impossible to just have “all events transparent” - or at least semi-transparent. The thing with the semi-transparent is a good thing cause the full transparency had some disadvantages as well, for example it is often a little difficult to detect small gabs between events and so on. So - semitransparent events are cool - thanks, but why only the “dragged event”?

Maybe Steinberg programmers usually have only single events on their screen, but I tend to have hundreds or thousands and I like to just have a look on them to see what is going on, THEN I usually edit something.