Please share your experience with other Android users

Hi all,

Around 2.5 billion Android devices are active worldwide.
Surely we have been unable to have them all tested, and nearly not all of them will work to run Cubasis for Android.

Please feel free to share your personal experience with other users in this post:

  • What Android device do you use with Cubasis, and how does it work so far?
  • What Android/USB audio hardware combination do you have in use, and what has been your experience so far?
  • What Android/USB midi hardware combination do you use, and how does it perform?

Thank you for your support, which will surely help the community…

Stay well
& best wishes,

First off, the known requirements (from the product page, under comparison)

Operating system: Android 8
Smartphone device generation: 64-bit CPU smartphone supporting arm64-v8a ABI
Tablet device generation: 64-bit CPU tablet supporting arm64-v8a ABI

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android is OnePlus8Pro with andoird 10. no performance issues !

on my UR242 i can use LineIn ! and there is no option to select record source (usb mic,device mic …)

i tested with my numacompact2. witch is really good. it use midi-in and audio togeher with synth audio over keyboard audio out. i like it.

what really needed is an option to select record source !!!
meanwhile i use this -> … udioSwitch

also my Kork nanokeyStudio works over bluetooth !!
but i need this ->
to get it connect.
also would be nize if cubasis can handle it self.


Thanks MrSoundman, for let us know about your devices in use.

Are you able to share your Cubasis experience with these devices, too?
What do you think about the performance, latency etc…


Sorry, those are just the system requirements for Cubasis 3 for Android taken from the Steinberg website. None of my devices are compatible, which is why I’m interested in knowing what others have successfully used … i.e. if I want to use Cubasis 3 for Android, I will have to purchase a device.

Samsung S10+ with 68 tracks (not all playing at the same time!). 48kHz 24bit. Quite a few mastering plugins going. And it certainly works…but still suffering from the clicks/pops issue when playing back.

Mixdown is clean though.

Mastering plugins sound good to me Shelf EQ > master strip (multiband compressor, stereo imager and loudness maximiser) > Brickwall (post fader) on master and very pleased.

Just these damn clicks/pops - if that can be solved then I’m very happy.

Just installed Cubasis on Samsung A40. Runs ok.

Managed to connect Steinberg UR22 interface which was a nice surprise. No setup just plug it in with a simple otg cable. Routing options are limited. You can’t select audio device or inputs. So it’s input 1 as mono or inputs 1/2 as stereo. In fact you can’t even tell what’s used as audio device from within Cubasis. I guess it’s down to phone settings and what it presents as audio device to applications.

Also tried a midi keyboard connected via usb. In my case it was Alesis vi49 but I think any plug and play midi controller would work.

Overall I’m quite happy with this app. One thing I’m still struggling with is the audio recording offset compensation. Each time I try to calibrate it it gives me different results.

Thanks everyone. So far phones only though, if I’m correct … has anyone got this running on a 10" tablet yet, I wonder?

My Nexus 9 isn’t compatible with Cubase 3, even if I installed it based on 8.1.0 lineageOS 15.

I try to connect the UR22 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but can’t receive any input signal. But even if I try it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ internal microphone I can’t receive any signal. Now I have this really nice software, but I can’t record any analog signal. :frowning:

I think there must be a way. I can’t believe that the Galaxy Note10+ is missing in the compatibility list……

That is the fundamental problem … there is no compatibility list.

[rant] This thread is the nearest you are likely to get. None of my devices are compatible (according to the Google Play store), therefore I would have to buy a new device, but imagine going into the kind of (box-shifting) store that sells tablets and asking for a “64-bit CPU tablet supporting arm64-v8a ABI”. Online is no better … pages and pages on manufacturer’s websites about how their products will improve your life, won’t steal your girlfriend, free photogenic dog and kids jumping into swimming pools but no real technical specifications (perhaps because in reality they’ve just rebadged some generic device and don’t really know themselves). I suspect they would call security, or some people in white coats. [/rant]

beside all the criticism… here something that work really good!
Samsung S9+ on Dex with external 24" Touchmonitor :+1:

pls excuse the bad quality. its not so easy to record a video and play with cubasis same time :slightly_smiling_face:

My brain is hurting just trying to find info on manufacturer and sellers sites. Bugger all info . The only way to find the info is to do a specific search for the phone or tablet and Wikipedia usually has the info.

Ran fine on a note 8 running android 9
Have since upgraded to s10 plus on android 10
Cannot record audio through phones mic, which for me defeats the purpose of the software totally.
Also experiencing the clicks on playback which turning off WiFi solves…
Overall I couldn’t be more pissed off with the whole affair…
Do I shout scream and get a refund? or do I wait for a fix? Will there ever be a fix??
Confusing and depressingly familiar…

Hi hervesteiner,

In regards to the Samsung S10 click issues, de-activating WiFi when using Cubasis seems to resolve the problem.

One of our users (“robinwebb”) added the following suggestion regarding the topic:
One “set and forget” workaround in the interim is to use Bixby routines and set up a routine that turns off WiFi when starting the Cubasis application

The next Cubasis for Android 3.1.2 will add the option to select the audio input source.
We are able to share the current beta version with you, if you want to give it a try to see if it solves the current mic recording issue.

Hope that helps.



Hey, I would like to try the android beta.

me too. i’m waiting for the update. but if a beta exist i also like to try :wink:

Hi everbody!

I´m using Cubasis 3 with Android 9 on a Nokia 5. Recently i bought a TC-Helicon Go Solo and recorded audio with it. It seems to work proberly but I haven´t tried midi support yet. Maybe first you have to start your Phone/Tablet connected with your device so it will be recognised. At least that´s what I had to do. Cubasis 3 is also working on my Lenovo Tab M10 TB-X605F. I hope this helps.


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Thanks for that. Apparently the M10 is no longer available but I’ll keep an eye out for a second-hand one. There’s a new M10 “FHD Plus 2nd Gen” but I can get a laptop for that money – and I already have several laptops, with Cubase Elements on them.

Does it work in the below Android 8 versions?