Please, Steinberg, change the title bar back to the previous one

How elegant the previous title bar was!It combines aesthetics and practicality.
This is the title bar of Nuendo12:

Why do we need to arrange a separate row of menu bars now? While occupying space, the colors cannot be unified, which disrupts attention during work.

Moreover, MediaBay has added an additional line and is completely consistent with the main menu bar functions, which seem to be the design language of the Windows XP era

Please, change back to the original one


Hard to understand.

Note: I think I’ll stop following all these threads bemoaning the new design. It’s exhausting to see so many legitimate comments that certainly won’t be listened to.

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Perhaps it is indeed so, I cannot refute it. But take a look at this, regarding the same changes to Cubase

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I see. All in all, there are tons of negative comments, with tons of requests and even pleas. This is not normal. This is exceptional.

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I’m sure it’s to do with window handling in Windows. They are working correctly now.

Right-Click on the menu bar and you can hide it. Everywhere, except the hub.

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Wow!!! I’m stupid … OK, I guess my request turned out to be the same as this one
after all I don’t want him to disappear …