Please, you should be able to save the color configuration

Please, you should be able to save the color configuration. Right now, it’s a bit of a nightmare! For years, color mechanics have been difficult in Cubase and Nuendo. You’d have to reinvent the whole thing. Please have a look at other daws.

Nuendo/Cubase can indeed save color prefs.

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Sorry, I’m talking about project colors.

What are Project Colors?

You can…

Project Colors Setup - Setup your colors
Save Color Set As Default

You can also open/import a project that has colors you like and save those as your default…

D’oh. Heh. Yeah, there’s that too.

Users share them too. too, eg:

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Importing a project for this… A bit complicated for nothing. It would be easier to save a file with a name (in the simplest way possible)! We could then have several sets of colors depending on the type of project, etc.

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Indeed, if you’re constantly opening projects from other colleagues, it would be helpful to have the option to either import a color palette - or have the “default” setting take precedence. So that foreign projects are loaded in the preferred color setting.
Constantly resetting other people’s projects to “default” is annoying if you have to open 10 other people’s projects a day.