Plugin for making low sounds mono for mastering

Does Cubase have a build-in plugin that seperates lower sounds and keeps it mono and higher sounds stereo, when mastering.

If not, what suggestions do you have for plugins to add for doing this.

Thank you.

I use iZotope Ozone for that and more :slight_smile:
But yes keeping the lows mono is really a must.

Don’t think there is a stock plug that has this feature. I use this. (It’s free btw.)

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Turn on Color (on the bottom right). Set the amount anywhere from 15 to 17. You can also experiment with higher settings.

NUGEN Audio Monofilter does exactly this.

I use Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 in M/S Mode and cut the lows of the side signal.

You’re effectively removing low freq’s by doing that, not mono’ing them. If you’re responsible for both mixing and mastering then thats fine, you can account for that but otherwise I would have thought another plugin would be more suited.

Plugin Alliance have a couple of plugs that do this. They call the feature Mono Maker. It is included in this versatile saturation unit, which is currently on sale:


Mono the low sounds with the pan control. Or use stereo enhancer and click the mono button.

I believe Ozone’s Imager plugin is available as a free download.

Can you describe and explain this a bit further?

As far as i’ve learnd this, mono’ing something does have the same effect, since uncorrelated parts of the signal are canceling each other out and disapear because of that.

If i use Fabfilter Pro Q 2 in M/S Mode, muting the sidesignal should have the same effect as mono’ing the signal, becaus the M/S Matrix splits the signal in correlated and uncorelated parts. Correlation is equivalent to volume in the respective part of the split.

Now, if i cut only the Side signal unter 100 Hz e.g., it should behave like a transision between stereo and mono signal.

Or did i get this totally wrong?

No you’re not totally wrong, and I’m sure it sounds great - Basses are generally mono anyway. But there’s 3 things going on in the stereo field - like when you look at a phase meter.

Stuff where both sides are completely different - stereo
Stuff where both sides are the same - mono
Stuff where both sides cancel out.

If you mono something, then the bits that cancel out will disappear. But you still retain the bits where both sides are completely different. What you’re doing is cutting both the stuff that cancels out, and also the stuff that is completely different.

I use the Mono-Maker feature of Brainworx bx_saturator for this, but that’s not the only one of their plugins that does this. (Just the only one I own.)

It’s very simple to use- just turn a dial to a frequency where everything below that point is mixed to mono.

I used Basslane, where you can set the frequency below that is mono.

Free and good.

for doing what you are trying to achieve I use a waves plugin called Vitamin.

it is basically a harmonics exciter but also has a stereo adjust for the various frequency bands.

if you don’t add any harmonics excitation, you can just use it for stereo/mono adjust.

I use it to mono up the low frequencies below 90hz or so.

I also harmonics excite and also spread the stuff around 5k to 8k, and that brightens out of the mix a bit

it sounds a lot like my SPL Vitalizer MK2 Tube hardware unit I use when mastering.

its good.

hope this helps. Spaceman

Mastering is nothing I know anything about, but applying mono to lower bands on bass, drums and sometimes pads I use Fabfilter Pro-Q2 or VUMT Deluxe from Klanghelm.

Thank you for all your answers, so far (keep them coming) - my computer is a Mac, so the plug-in has to be for Mac :slight_smile:

Yes Waves Vitamin works fine on Mac Pro running El Capitan.

I have Waves Vitamin, how do you do that in that plug-in?

just load the vitamin plug, and the very bottom set of circular volume controls, is a stereo width adjust for that particular frequency.

if you turn the knobs fully left its mono. if knobs turned fully right, it expands the stereo width of those frequencies.

good luck spaceman