Plugin on clip in montage 11.2

I’m having an issue in 11.2 pro when I add a plugin to a clip, it doesn’t appear to do anything
I use it for occasional de-noise, or EQ, but especially with frequency I added it to a clip, did an EQ sweep, no audible changes even though it was active

its happening with every typical plugin I use, including wavelab ones,
is there a button to press to enable it? or something which has changed from default?
2019 intel MacBook Pro 16" on ventura 13.2.1

currently working around by adding a new track (I could probably use a lane) and putting it on the track instead, can anyone else replicate? or is it my system?


Name of plugin or any plugins?
Have checked if Track is doing the same etc

regards S-EH

track is fine, and output is fine, master is fine
any I try on clip effects, just used the Steinberg frequency EQ to test (a clip on loop, and sweeping the EQ), and no audible change,

nothing appears to be different visually (ie. no bypasses on or anything)

just to add, my typical plugins occasionally used on a clip (that aren’t Steinberg wavelab ones) are normally waves (NS-1 & Clarity VX Pro) Isotope RX (voice de-noise or mouth declick), zynaptic unfilter, supertone goyo, slate digital fresh air, and very very occasionally Isotope Neuron, fabfilter Pro Q3

I try not to use most of the non wavelab plugin’s on clips if possible, especially some of the heavy cpu loaded ones, normally I’ll re-render the section with it hard coded in after (and re-save the file) as its usually a step before mastering

most of the time I’ll be adding one of the studio EQ, frequency or GEQ10 or GEQ30 plugin’s

All my usual clip effects work great here including FabFilter Pro-Q3.

Do you see any changes on the WaveLab analyzers when altering the plugins as Clip Effects?

The simplest thing is to just lower the output gain of FabFilter Pro-Q3 to all the way down while playing some audio. That should be easy to notice.

made no difference, im stumped, :man_shrugging: just forcing VST plugin’s reinstall, will re-install wavelab at the end of my day today just incase

just done a reinstall and issue is still occurring, not using an outboard audio driver

My best guess is that you don’t do the right thing is WaveLab.
For example, let’s do a simple montage with a single clip.
Add any plugin that changes the gain and set an extreme setting.
Then render the whole montage to a new audio file.

Don’t you see the clip effect?

hi PG, I’ve done a test
in stereo the clip plugin works ok, but when I split the track and use mono, it doesn’t appear to do

Ah, there is always more to the story. Changing the clip to a mono clip seems like a big detail to leave out. What if you add the Clip Effect AFTER you make it a mono clip?

I don’t usually use stereo for a single reader audiobook, so I normally setup a mono to stereo file, and use mono tracks unless I 'm adding FX or music (i’ll typically split the legs if I receive stereo voice session files as for the most part its usually twin mono)

but as I didn’t think it would make any difference, I put in a stereo file to test (with less sensitive copyright free music) and just found that issue

here is how I’d normally set up my file, with adding the clip plugin afterwards

I was thinking it wasn’t working at all, but found after that test it does, just doesn’t appear to in mono,
as I say I’m working around it by putting it on a different track and track plugin it, which is working well as always, then rendering it in

Maybe you found a bug or oversight when converting a clip from mono to stereo when Clip Effects are already applied.

Do clip effects work if adding them after making the clip mono?

they don’t appear to, on my system at least,
also if I create a mono montage, add a mono file, then add a clip effect it also appears not to be working

I have replicated the exact same procedure, also using the Frequency plugin, and all it working fine here. I don’t know what to say.

Except that I rather suggest working in stereo and making a mono mixdown at the end, rather than working in mono all the way. I say so, simply because working in mono all the way, is the least tested workflow (that does not say it does not work).

hi PG, does that mean dual mono’ing / converting any material that normally gets allocated a mono into a stereo track? normally I work in a stereo output, and mono down at the end incase I need FX & music

I will do a complete OS refresh and reinstall wavelab after I finish the next few jobs and see if it goes away, do you happen to have the older build of wavelab 11 pro I can test my end? I didn’t have issue with the previous so wondering if it still occurs with it

No, and I don’t think the new version has a problem. As mentioned before, I have just tested it.

I just tested this and here it works as well…

Montage track, stereo wav, clip effect
First inserted Frequency plugin and did a sweep, works
split stereo track to two mono track did a sweep on Left clip, works
did a sweep on Right clip, works
but I had to be sure that Frequency plugin was for the track/clip being used
check this or it won’t work of course :wink:

WaveLab 11.2.0, OSX 12.6.5

regards S-EH

its driving me insane that I can’t figure this out :joy::joy:, when I split the track neither side works in mono, I’ve got to have some random setting on or something somewhere

I am on 11.2.0 build 13 x64 on OSX 13.3.1 (22E261), internal sound, 16gb ram

Something to do with “Default Settings for New clips” ?
or Rosetta mode ?
maybe trash Preferences !? backup before then…

regards S-EH

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default settings are the same, no rosetta as its before the apple chip switch (2.3 8 core i9 intel), just trashed all the preferences, still the same

just booted up Wavelab 10 pro, and clip effect plugin’s are working perfectly in 10 pro in the same scenario
can also confirm 9.5 pro also is working perfectly on my machine in that respect too (both working with Studio EQ as no frequency plugin, but have same issue using studio EQ in WL11)