Plugin organization...didn't know this

I stumbled upon something today and I don’t know if it’s common knowledge or something new to C6 but it’s a new one on me.

I’ll use the vst3 category “Dynamics” for an example. If I create a folder and name it “Dynamics” in my vst plugins folder whatever vst 2 dll’s or folders with vst2 dll’s I put in there will appear in the vst 3 Dynamics category in the plugin drop down menu and not add an extra layer which if I’m not mistaken I thought it used to do. I’m not good at explaining this stuff but check it out if you haven’t.

The vst plugin folders can be renamed as you wish. If you happen to name them the same as a vst3 category then the vst2 & 3 plugs will both appear in that category.

I think this is the same behaviour as in C5 so nothing new…it’s also looking likely that Sb will allow user management of vst3 plug categories soon.

Nice it’s about time.

I obviously knew and have changed vst2 folder names and content many times, I just didn’t know this about the vst3 categories showing vst2 plugs which I think could make organization a little easier until they come up with a new management system.