VST 3 plugin folder structure

In an attempt to make a nice new start, I’ve been trying to rearrange my plugins; most of them are VST2 ones, which obviously I can put the dll files in folders and make them all neat and lovely.

I’ve never really wanted to do this with any of the included VST3 plugins (as they are fairly neatly stored by default), but now that I have loads of modulation-based effects, I want to put them in sub-folders (Chorus, Flanger, etc) - and the problem is that if I do that with the VST2 ones, it leaves the VST3 ones in the folder above (i.e. in Modulation) - is there any way to change the menu structure, or are we stuck with it as it is? I know it’s not the end of the world, but having sub-menus makes sense when you have 20+ effects in a folder, and not being able to do this is surely not missing from the VST3 spec, is it?

Hi djaychela,
unfortunately there is no way for the user to change the folder structure of VST3 plug-ins.
When it’s registered the plug-in tells the host which category it belongs to.

Well, that’s hardly a step forward, is it?

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I really don’t understand why we still haven’t got a plugin manager…
With VST3 things got even worse. I had a folder structure for my VST2 plugins which is now messed up by the plugin categories introduced by VST3.
Most of the times get lost in my plugin list because I don’t remember the right folder for the plug I need.
That’s a shame!

I find it quite silly that VST3 doesn’t allow for organizing the plugins as you wish. It took me forever to find my Brainworx mastering plugin hidden under the defualt “EQ” folder. Another example is the CLA bundle that hid under the default “dynamics” folder. Perhaps I want to make a folder with all my favorite compressors - no, can’t be done. Only if they’re VST2

Yes, a plugin manager would be great !! I’m so fed up by the introduced mess of coexisting VST2 & 3 that I decided to sort them by manufacturers (in the preferences) but this isn’t perfect either…

Yes, at least some basic plugin management is a must. I don’t mean folder based, like it is now with VST2 - i hate moving stuff arround on HD. But real nice internal management, with definable groups, favourites, … I hope Steinberg includes this in next C6 update.

It would be nice to have access to plugin presets through media bay, like it is for instruments, with instant preview. Importing settings from another project (without opening it and saving presets) would be most helpful. Drag’n’drop! And ability for track presets to “add to existing”, instead of overwriting what is already there. Anyway, I’m not holding my breath, but much could be done regarding plugin management. For me current VST list it is probably the weakest point in Cubase.

Well, glad to see I’m not the only one. It’s not been a huge issue for me until recently, but a number of people I work with and for have mentioned it in the past, and as I’ve decided to try to tidy things up it does seem a glaring issue that there is no provision to rearrange them when they are VST3; surely it would be fairly simple thing to engineer this? It’s the kind of thing people used to program for fun… but does the VST3 standard make it impossible to change a plugin’s category?

As said above, moving files about isn’t really the option - I’m happy doing all that stuff, but it’s a PITA having to do it that way, having a simple plugin management interface in the program would be a great solution and a simple one too.

This comes round with every release and it has never even been acknowledged by any of the Steinberg team - as far as I remember.

Similar to an earlier post: I suggested before that some sort of media bay window be implemented that listed plugins using a similar filtering system that the user could customise using attributes (tags). I’m sure this could be developed further. Imagine, you could create you own categories: mastering, mixing, guitar, vocal etc. ie. listing your go to plugs for that particular task. This along with the usual categories EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and so on… This window would replace the current plugin dialogue and yes this could further list presets associated with a particular plug with the ability to audition there and then.



Oh I hope not.

After my initial experience with Media Bay in C4, I never want to go near the damn thing again. Anyway, last time I looked, it seemed filled to the brim with stuff I’d never want - and I don’t fancy taking the handful of things I might like stored and burying them under all that.

And bXgger spending time tagging.

But I suppose I could be in a minority. :confused:

Not trying to be a naysayer, but you’d think that the INVENTOR of the VST technology would make it a little more organizable for the studio/user who has a good long list of plug ins.

I for one HATE having them “wherever” the software deems fit.


At least you’re not alone. I feel exactly the same.

And another +1 to the original feature request.

Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t want them in the media bay, or any of the “preset-tastic” things. Just being able to sort the plugins into a simple hierarchical structure will be fine, thanks.

I vote for letting us users actually make folders the same way we can with VST2 plugins.
this should be the easiest way to do things, and I dont think it would mean alot of time to make this really happen as its way overdue time to have some decent sort of VST3 handling.
as you all say, its been asked for since the very introduction of VST3.

and no, I do NOT want to see it get incorporated into mediabay, that biattch is a monster to get thru as it is.
I personally never use it, and if I could choose I would delete it so feckin fast…

atleast give us the ability/option to sort the plugins for ourselves, both VST2 and VST3.

steinberg, is there any good viable reason for not letting us sort the VST3 plugins into folders, the same way we can with VST2 ?

+1 for our own folders or a plugin manager.

This (They must know how stupid it is having 2 different organisational methods for one programs plug-ins!) & the window resizing behaviour are my last 2 great Cubase annoyances…if they could fix these & add multitrack warping in vs 6.1 I could go to my happy place for a long vacation.

if I had the powers, I would make this thread sticky…
I will try and bump this thread as often as I can, as this plugin sorting is clearly a problem that steinberg could easily fix.

steinberg, is there any good viable reason for not letting us sort the VST3 plugins into folders, the same way we can with VST2 ?
anyone from steiny HQ care to answer ?

I don’t think there is much point in bumping as Steinberg’s Chris Beuermann said in this post regarding people pushing for changes. (http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=1898&hilit=campaign)

but it doesn’t work this way. Please remeber that the forums is not the only way we get our feedback. So please stop with this. “Campains” like in the old forums we will not tollerate here in the new forums

Some word from them would be nice though…even if just to confirm it’s been noted! (Not that I believe for a moment that they don’t know exactly how frustrating many if not most users find this.)