Plugins hanging and having to force quit Cubase 10.5

So mony Plugins cause Cubase 10.5 to hang when opening them, resulting in having to do a forced quit of Cubase and go through the process again. Ozone 9 advanced doesnt even want to work after opening on my 2 buss.
Fabfilter Pro Q3 works when Cubase allows it to… So frustrating how Steinberg can always get this wrong. No wonder people jumping ship, I dont blame them.


TO me it sounds like this famous iLok issue.

Make sure you have the latest iLok software and driver installer,d please. Also make sure your plug-ins are up to date. You can also try to start Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

Fabfilter Pro Q3 does not use the i-lok. I bought it the other day and it works just fine here.

I have the same issue. I noticed it’s with all “good looking” plug-ins… Arturia V collection 7 and Pigments, Fabfilter, and some Waves too…

It happens to me as well, while using virtual instruments.

Yep… Happening to me as well… Mainly when I try to open more than one plugin GUI at a time, say Fabfilter Q3 Pro and L2 for instance. Really is annoying me now and seriously considering moving to a different DAW after nearly 30 years of using Cubase. Sort it out Steinberg please!

Hello To All the Steinberg Team ,

Any New about Cubase 10.5 and Pro-Q 3 crashes?

The first discussion: Dec 06, 2019

Thank You

Pigments and Ozone 9 work for me in 10.5.x

upgraded to 10.5 latest, latest June build of fabfilter Q3 if I open a second instance the plugin hangs cubase
went back to version 10 and its ok. as usual regretting paying to upgrade

any ideas? OSX high Sierra


Please upload the *.crash file.

Same issue and more with all other plugins too… UAD, Eventide, Fabfilter, soundtoys… Arturia… I not only have issues with VST FX but instruments as well. Totally unusable.

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Having exact same issue with Nuendo 10.3

it always worked at my system, no crashes at all with Fabfilter plug-ins


Fabfilter is quite graphic card (and graphic settings) sensitive. It depends what graphic card do you use, what driver, HiDPI or not, scaling level, etc.

Could you share these informations, please.

Sounds like the same problem described in this post:

There are workarounds.