Plugins scanning at startup

Do you know why time-by-time Cubase re-scan ALL the plugins at the startup even if NO new plugins have been installed or changed, neither VST plugin paths changed, etc.?

This is very boring, annoying, frustrating and useless, wasting lot of time!


It does this each time the clocks change, October and March. It is annoying, something I think to do with the Steinberg dongle… though I am sure someone will explain exactly why.

Thanks! But, the problem is that now Cubase DOES NOT START anymore! It freezes when scanning plugins and cannot make the scan to finish!

I thought also about the dongle and re-installed the latest eLicenser drivers, nothing changed, it keeps freezing at startup!

Also, why WaveLab instead starts correctly without need of this ridiculous plugin re-scanning?

It you set windows to not chance the time automatically and do it manually every time daylight saving time happens it won’t scan the plugins.

Well, thanks for the suggestion but my question is: let’s wait for the scanning ok! (Twice per year I don’t care…) … but Why it freezes now?! And how to solve this issue?

Sounds like some particular plugin or plugins might be causing the freeze, best way is to take out plugins and add them in a few at a time to to find out which is causing the problem…

That’s quite weird… however, if I force Cubase to close (via task manager) it restarts scanning a next plugin… it does not stop at a specific plugin which causes problem as it happens sometime…

This same thing happened to me yesterday. Each time Cubase started up it would stop at a certain plugin, and then after forcing Cubase to close and re-start it would stop again, at a new plugin.

In my case at least, I noticed it was not every plugin that was causing the stop. I found out that the plugins that caused the stop were being added to the “Vst2xBlacklist Cubase” file.

You can run the start/close/re-start process until all the plugins have been added to this file, and Cubase should then start again normally.

I don’t know WHY this happened with certain plugins. I’m still looking into that, and how I can still use those plugins. But, it got Cubase back running again.

Thanks, exactly there the same thing! A “Vst2xBlacklist Cubase” text file has been created, etc. The problem is that I can go on with this process, but there are about hundred plugins here to scan and I don’t know hoe much they are left…

I HOPE THAT STEINBERG WILL GET AND SOLVE SOME PROBLEMS HERE! Steinberg staff is really the most hidden ever!!

By the way… what’s this “Vst2xBlacklist Cubase” file?

It’s not a Cubase problem.
It is a problem with your plugins, nothing that Steinberg can fix.
Look for updates of the plugins that are causing trouble, or simply remove them.

Thanks but NOT at all! All plugins are making this problem so? Native Instruments, iZotope, IK Multimedia, etc.? I’m dropping in folder by folder into the VST plugins folder, and Cubase stops at each plugin until he completes that folder and then moves on loading!!

Everything was working until two days ago, and my DAW works since 5 years!

To find the “Vst2xBlacklist Cubase” file :

Open the “Run” command prompt.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
Windows XP: Select ‘Run’ from the Start menu.
In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter this path: %appdata%/Steinberg
Locate the folder which is named the same as your Cubase version.

Open this folder and you shuold see the file “Vst2xBlacklist Cubase” - open that in Notepad and you should see the plugins there amongst the code.

In my case, I moved some of the plugins from the folder that they were in to another folder, just to get Cubase open (they don’t get scanned on opening then). I got Cubase running normally, and even some plugins in the Blacklist still worked normally.

I don’t know WHY the plugins get treated like this. Perhaps someone else can come with an explanation for that. Perhaps you have moved some plugins around since your last scan?

Thanks, I moved manually the plugins from the scanning folders and Cubase staerts, any plugin I add back to the folder makes Cubase scanning it and freezing…

I didn’t move neither changed nothing on my DAW since last time I’ve normally started Cubase since I didn’t turn on DAW at all because I’ve been busy with other stuff…

Just noticed your post, my problem sounds very similar if not the same… I hope someone knows how to fix this.
I’m running Win10, 64, cubase 8.5.

Unfortunately it seems Steinberg is, again, away from the problems. I got couple standard (mostly automatic) emails in which they suggest to reset Cubase settings and/or send them the crash-log file. That’s all.

I solved the problem simply, moving some plugins out and in back from the Vstplugins folders, restarted Cubase (after freezing) hundred times, restart the DAW couple times… suddenly, Cubase started work again normally. Steinberg does not have idea (once again) about solving users issues…

Dragon17, this comment is unfair to say the least.

The e-mails were not automatic - Felipe’s reply indicated a way to spot in an easier way to spot which plug-in prevented Cubase from opening, while Oscar offered to resolve the crash dumps, which would have pointed to the specific problem. The reason why Cubase ‘suddenly started to work again’ is that, after the rescan triggered by DST, the plug-ins which could not being initialised were either black-listed or Cubase managed to re-initialise them after the initial fault.

Dear Fabio,
I said that emails are simply generic and do not point at the problem.

I read those e-mail and don’t agree. I’m glad that you have been able to solve the issue before receiving a reply that actually helped, but there is nothing automatic in asking for crash dumps to spot the root cause of a crash. It’s common practice. I replied to your PM.

I have the same, almost exact problem I think. I don’t have a crash dump to send since Cubase isn’t crashing, it freezes at the “Initializing VST Mixer”.
Should I start with moving all plugin dll’s to another folder and slowly add them back - then restart Cubase over and over?
Sorry to hijack the discussion…