Plugins Wavelab 5 into wavelab 9?

Hello, I was wondering if I can use the Steinberg vst plugins provided with Wavelab 5 with my Wavelab pro9? I know it’s a very old system but I really like some of the Plugings. Can I import them and use them in my W9? Thanks. F.

No, as they were 32 bit. Unless you use a bridge.

OK thank you. Where can I find this “bridge”? On the Steinberg website?

Probably this:

Or for Mac:

I have never tried them, only heard of them.

OK Thanks I will check it out. F.

I thought I posted this question yesterday, but I must not have!
Can you possibly give me exact instructions how to copy the old VST from Wavelab 5 (multicomp in particular) to Wavelab 9? Neither is the Audio Cube version, they’re both regular Wavelab platforms. But from what I understand the multicomp was adopted from the Audio Cube design. I can download and install JBridge as suggested (thanks!) in order to use in the 64 bit Windows system. (correct?)
You can send a PM if you prefer that to posting.
Thanks so much again!
Larry Lachmann (for Fred Kevorkian)

I never used the JBridge system myself, hence I can’t help.
However, I know some users have done this with success with the latest versions.
Maybe you can get some help in this forum.

I think the following is a pretty good step by step. (although it has a mistake, but it tells you that).

If the comp plugin is in the same relative place as in Wavelab 6, it should be in the C: > Program Files x86 > Steinberg > Wavelab 5 > System > Plugins folder, I think. You should be able to point to the comp file or the whole Plugin directory there during the jbridge setup.

It’s been a while since I’ve used jbridge, so someone else might have better information.

I had no luck doing this specifically with the Wavelab 6 plugins on Windows 10. Even running everything as admin, lots of C++ runtime errors, and some “Sorry this Plugin needs Wavelab 4.0!” error messages during the jbridge conversion. The only plugin that finally got converted was the Multi Band Comp, but with errors. It then appeared in the ignored plugin list in Wavelab 9.5, and would not rescan successfully.

I hope you have better luck with the Wavelab 5 plugins. I could just be missing something obvious.

FYI, a quote dated march 2018 from another forum:

I have purchased the latest version of JBridge (there is one for Mac and PC), and I’m having mostly good results with WaveLab 9.5 so far!
The last time I tried this utility (quite some years ago), the result was really too buggy to use professionally.
But aside from some issues with opening presets (or re-loading Master Section from previous session while WL starts)
–and only with certain plug-ins–it has been quite solid and stable, and I’m now able to use my Algorithmix, Cube-Tec, Vincent Burel, etc., plug-ins in a 64-bit WaveLab!
I have been able to use those bridged plug-ins in actual work projects, and the results have been positive so far.
If you own any irreplaceable 32-bit plug-ins, I highly recommend this solution.

Thanks PG. I only seem to get the errors with the Wavelab 6 built in plugins. I’ve used jbridge in the past with 32 bit TC plugins without issue, and I just tried with a 32 bit TDR plugin without problem. Maybe Fred K will have no problem with the Wavelab 5 plugins, but I have the problem with the Wavelab 6 plugins.

The Multiband Compressor, I always get the message “Sorry this Plugin needs Wavelab 4.0!” and the conversion fails or makes an unusable file. This is with no Wavelab open, just running the jbridge initial conversion setup.

It seems to be the same as this:
The error message wording is the same, and as far as I can tell there isn’t an easy workaround to make it work with the Wavelab 6 built in plugins. It’s probably the same with the Wavelab 5 plugins because the error message says “Wavelab 4”. But someone would have to test the Wavelab 5 plugins with jbridge to confirm.

Thanks guys. This gives Fred and me some perspective. I just downloaded JBridge, and I’m going to try converting and placing the converted plugs in the Wavelab 9 plugin folder. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Fingers crossed!
Thanks again! You’ve all been helpful.
Larry L for Fred K