QuadraFuzz v1 how to run in C9

cant using it :frowning:
its my main saturator plugin whitch i using since C4, and now its blacklisted :angry:

i trying to jbridge, but JBridge says Nuendo required.
any ideas ?


MOD: trying to JBridge QF but jbridge says : sorry this plugin requires nuendo 2.

Don’t know about QF1 specifically but lots of info on Jbridging in C9 here:


Does QF2 not sound the same then??

its easy to use, just put it before or after EQ and change curve, very handy.

QF V2 for me doesn’t give enough pressure like V1

Why not use Quadrafuzz v2? Works fine for me

just compare this 2 plugins

MOD/ wondering why Steinberg update DaTube but forget about QuadraFuzz…

i also wonder why Doubledeley, ReverbA and Rotary havent been updated yet ,i cant move forward to 9 without these plugins

maybe in 9.5 we will see QF1 :smiley:

you cant have read the thread otherwise you would know that jbridge wont load some of the old nuendo and SX plugins .i have tried jbridge myself and even corresponded with him and they won`t work

I just noticed the little synth called A1 also is dead :cry:

Time for another unsupported VST Classics batch with QuadraFuzz, A1, CS40 and JX16? :laughing: :sunglasses:

There is something more organic and modular with simple synths and a long chain of processors and FX. You add what you use and that’s it. It’s instants gratification you can do NOW as opposed to the newer stuff which is sometimes too amasing? Those modern day behemoths don’t have the same charm and you find yourself auditioning presets just because you can’t start digging into twelve layers deep GUIs with subpages and what not.

ok, i think i find the way.

i found this version of QF in YT video (i dont know if it legit version or not (i’m sorry if not))

then i JBridge it, and turn flag on (Switch to separate GUI mode…) to see Curves whe u open it

but this method sooo painfully :cry: :cry: :cry:

haha that’s a really old QuadraFuzz GUI but kinda cool again. I’d almost like that more than the newer blue-ish one from SX when everything turned psycho blue for a while. :open_mouth:

Add Embracer, Monologue, and Q to that list.

I continue to be appalled by Steinberg’s dismal silence on this issue. We just want to use the products we’ve given them money to he able to use! How can that be a lot, or even anything, to ask?!

They run just fine on a old Cubase version, in an old OS, on a old computer.
Those are obsolete plugins that where replaced by others/better plugins.
It would be a total waste of time to make them compatible with today’s systems.

VB-1 & Model E (Moog Kind)?

they also run fine in cubase 8.5 64 bit ,you arent qualified to know that it would be a total waste of time .keep your nose out ,it doesnt concern you .if some people want to use the old plugins that is their choice not yours so shut up.if you are happy with your plugins then go away and use them ,why are you even wasting your energy on this subject ,it`s none of your business.bye

Those two are available as 64-bit. Some very nice soul at Steinberg decided to rebuild them a few years ago. :slight_smile:

Haha, yes, the very old DLL file from the first version of QuadraFuzz seems to work!
The file dates back to year 2000… :smiley:

which version of cubase did you get this from,i wonder if ReverbA ,Doubledelay and Rotary could be jbridged if they came from the same version as your QF. a little bit of positiveness among all this negativeness

From facebool cubase user group:

CUBASE 9 DOESN’T SUPPORT 32bit VST’s anymore???
HAHA!!! YES IT DOES!!! :smiley: - just like 8.5, with a little trick!

As a big Cubase-fan I was very disappointed that they removed it’s compatibility for 32bit-Vst’s. After researching I got the following solution:

In the Cubase-program-folder you find the folder “components”.
The TRICK is just to copy (and replace) the following 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9:


(please don’t forget to backup the C9 components folder first)

After that let Cubase 9 rescan your PlugIns - maybe it helps to delete the blacklist-files in the Roaming-folder first.

With this little trick I’m using my Cubase 9 just the way I used 8 all the time, all the 32bit-PlugIns are now present in Cubase 9!
I don’t know how it works with mac, I guess there should be a similar way to get it working there :slight_smile:

Have a nice day
This is the solution for old steinberg plugs that won’t run in jbridge! At least for now.

WOW! great! will test it immediately

interesting, does this affect on performance