< poco > Convenient way?

Hi everybody, I might be missing something very obvious here but I quite often need a dynamic marking that looks almost like this but without the forte:


So basically just a “poco” between the hairpins. I know that I could do this with a text object but was wondering if there is a more convenient and “native” way of doing something like that in Dorico as using a text object causes some other issues and is extremely fiddely to get to look right.


Just hide the intensity marking.


Even after 3 years of using Dorico all day long there are moments where I feel like I’m being stupid. I was creating the dynamic “poco f” via popover which didn’t understand the poco as a suffix/prefix and consequentially hid the entire dynamic through that option.
Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

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I typed < poco f > into one popover, and then selected the ‘poco f’ (note that the hairpins are blue), and checked the Hide intensity marking.
NB: poco is a ‘factory’ modifier, which doesn’t show in the Properties panel, but does show in the Dynamics side panel.

However, this does raise an interesting point, which I’ll continue in another thread about modifiers and prefixes and suffixes.

I typed < poco f > into one popover, and then selected the ‘poco f’ … and checked the Hide intensity marking.

That doesn’t work for me. I get the same result as Robin, and have to add the prefix again in Properties. Is it possible you did something slightly different?

I do notice in Dorico 4 the panel can now remove a prefix as well as add it. (Thank you!)

This is what I did:

and this is what I get:


That part’s clear; it’s removing the f that didn’t work for me as you described.

I can confirm. Entering “poco f” via popover doesn’t “recognize” the poco as a suffix or prefix. Only if I add it manually via the properties panel does it work as you describe.

Ah: yes – as evidenced by my first screenshot, I must have done a ‘manual’ prefix, and then forgotten about it.

I can’t get a ‘factory’ poco to stay when the intensity is hidden, either.

Sorry for the confusion.

See my other post about confusion between factory and custom modifiers:


It seems the most convenient way might be to deliberately misspell the desired factory prefix, and fix it up in Properties, since you have to go there to hide the intensity anyway.


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