Polarity flip on sends

Hello; hope im in the right place to suggest cubase improvements:

  1. polarity flip on sends
  2. a mix between FREEZE and RENDER IN PLACE concepts; in order to be able to “print” a GROUP TRACK output and get a event as result; and visualize it in the same group track; in order to free CPU resources?
  3. eq on sends

In the channel editor around the PRE section on fx channels and groups there is as far as I know a phase inverter button just like any other channel? Isn’t there?

I mean to flip the polarity for the send signal only; not the entire track.

Oh! Hope I wont have to change the posts title to Cubase 14! Maybe we all get surpised!

The … signal… not… the track? Hehe ok I’m lost :wink:

Well, you send two tracks to the effect channel and want only one of them flipped.

As in left and right or as in several sources into the fx track? Because if the latter then you flip the source

OP is asking for a way to flip the polarity of only the send signal, not the entire channel.

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Ah I see. Yeah it would be super cool and handy in Cubase to have plugins/devices that could be inserted anywhere in the signal chain, like a gain tool with polarity switch or similar

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Lets say (and this is a routed example only; just to clarify) I have a vocal track routed to the stereo out with a send to an a FX track with a reverb inserted (common send/return configuration) routed to the stereo out, too. I want to feed the reverb with the opposite signal (please read flipped polarity instead of opposite). Hope this help to understand my suggestion.

If you flip the polarity on the Send only I’m afraid you’ll get some phase cancellation issues.
That’s why there is no such feature. You want to flip the source signal instead.

Well; let me please expand my suggestions!

Not only a flip polarity button for the send signal; but an EQ as well. I frequently HPF the signal feeding my ambience reverb with an EQ before the reverb. But it would very nice if I can HPF mi vocals a little lower than the guitars.

Would you agree?

@MachineAgeVoodoo Here’s a good overview of the signal flow in Cubase.

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No, I do not. I want those useful phase cancellation “issues”!

That’s not what you are getting. If you flip only the phase on the EQ, it basically the same as flipping the phase on the whole channel. You don’t seperate Vocals from Guitars with a phase button. You do that with the EQ in phase because that’s what it is made for.

Are you really sure you understand what you actually want? There is a reason why no desk I ever sat in front of had phase-invert for only a part of the channel, let alone the sends.

If you absolutely must do this, route your channel to an empty group and flip the phase. Then use the sent of this (now phase reversed) group to the reverb. I’m pretty sure if you do this once, you’ll never do it again.

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You probably won’t get any of those in 13.
Those polarity flip is it the same practice as Dan Worrall searched for outside reaper? (Only reaper natively can do that)

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For the freeze function, I would like to be able to copy frozen parts.


Agreed, and move the frozen events around. cut etc.

Midi part library, simple drag and drop to media bay for midi parts.


Guys, you know that Cubase 13 is ready for release, don’t you? That means the feature set was closed probably over a year ago.