Poll about the CC Automation lanes to appear over the audio and midi tracks when editing in the Timeline

CC Automation Lanes to appear directly over the audio and midi tracks, like in Pro Tools?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It doesn’t matter

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Steinberg team, please bring us this way of editing automation! :slight_smile: It would save so much space on the Timeline, especially if we have multiple automation lanes on a single track… Take an example from Pro Tools. Pro Tools has the best way to edit The clip/event Volume data in the various places over the event without need of slicing them just to change the volume.
Greetings and success! :slight_smile:

And the some kind of automation in pianoroll



oh please no. I hate this in the daws that have it.

Knowing SB, they will implement it as a choice.

Make it optional in that case.

Of course this option has to be as choice, like it is in Pro Tools. There is Hide/Show button for the Volume on the left-down corner of the clip/event. In the track menu is included drop-down list to choose which CC data to appear over the clip/event. There are automation lanes which appear below the track, if you prefer to use them. I use both ways. :slight_smile:

Jared, it’s obvious that you don’t have an experience with Pro Tools and this way of editing clip/event Volume and CC Data, otherwise you would never say that. :wink: Spend some more time with PT and you would find how this makes the workflow faster and the life easier.
I challenge you to make a try to edit vocal to sound good in Cubase, and do the same in Pro Tools. :wink: You will do it much faster, better and more precise in PT… keep in mind that you would need to edit manually almost every single wave form in the clip/event… :wink:
Greetings :slight_smile:

Yes… if optional.

Regards :sunglasses:

Actually I do, and I hated this. I also hate how studio one does this.

Ok, sounds good, then go for it.
There are some requests I think should have higher priority, but anyway:
+1 :sunglasses:

Starsprinkler, it’s the best way to edit Volume data. It’s normal the line for clip/event volume to be in the middle of the track, when it’s in 0.0dB and to have option to hide it when you don’t need it. In Cubase it’s on the top of the event and if you decide to lower the volume level the line cannot be hidden when the mouse is over the track, if you need to make the event louder the line is useless. Another bad thing is that you have to slice the track if you need to edit the volume in some parts of the track. In Pro Tools you don’t need to slice in order to make clip/event volume automation.
Well the main idea behind Pro Tools is to be audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering DAW, and it’s much better than Cubase in this part, while Cubase is much more advanced for working with virtual instruments. :slight_smile:

As an option: +1
Forcing it: -1

+1 as an option

+1 as an option

As an option: +1
Forcing it: -1

+1 as option

+1, without a single doubt. It’s another highly useful/speed-enhancing thing I miss from my PT days. And make it optional for those that don’t want it, just like it’s optional in PT. Cubase is a click-fest compared to most other DAWs I’ve used or tried, and also wastes space where it doesn’t need to – and this is one of quite a few ways speed, visual efficiency and workflow could be very usefully improved (and of course as an option, not to be used if one doesn’t want to for whatever reason).

I use Pro Tools as primary DAW for mixing and sound editing because it provides faster and more comfortable workflow… Cubase is my primary for composing and arranging.
I hope Steinberg guys will take this in mind :slight_smile:

Yes please!