POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

I just upgraded to 6.5 and am still having a crash/freeze on exit. It does not happen every time, but when it happens it is annoying, since I have to force shut down Cubase (task manager) and when re-opening I will give me a ‘ASIO driver open failure’ message, so I have to reboot altogether.

I can’t believe how little response there is from Steinberg on this matter.
This thread is over a year old and Steinberg does not even seem to acknowledge the problem.
In this whole thread there are like only 3 or 4 responses from Steinberg ? Really?!?! Very disappointing in my opinion.


Indeed! Under these circumstances I’m not even sure, if I should install the “bugfix update” 6.06 (that will most probably crash my working 6.0 version, funny isn’t it?) let alone upgrading to 6.5.

my 6.5 works but I could have preferred a no synths update but to have the crash/exit issue and REAL PROBLEMS shown some more love from the developers and, maybe more so, the ones in charge. It doesn’t work that way, I know, but it would look good and felt even better.

Liebe Steinberger,

in Germany (population app. 80 million) a survey with 2.000 test persons qualifies as representative.
Therefore a poll with more than 400 participants, of which almost 50 % claim to have a problem with the software, is something I’d call at least “significant”.

Hardly. First of all, people with no problem at all are less represented in this group since they’re more likely not to bother. Or aren’t active in the forum at all. Plus, this poll here spreads over more than a year, and 5 Cubase updates. I myself had the problem a couple of times in the beginning, but haven’t in a very long time. Not saying Steinberg shouldn’t take this seriously, but if they can’t reproduce and there is no reproduceable case it’s hard to fix, if not impossible.

I have posted several times in this thread already. Originally, the idea that running the app ‘as admin’ was a good one - b/c it seemed to work. But it only worked short term, probably related to what is coming next.

I have found something interesting. There are stretches where I will launch and close Cubase several times a day. With all this closing and opening, the sample editor raster gets screwed up. So to alleviate this, I frequently delete my defaults.xml file, and replace it with a back up. Well, I have never had a hang with a fresh defaults.xml file - and furthermore, Cubase seems to be fine for a certain amount of launches/closes after replacing the xml. I dont have a number, but it is more than just a few. After a certain amount of launches/closes, then it will all of a sudden hang. Then the next three or four times it wont, then it will. And back and forth. Until, I delete the defaults.xml file, and replace it with the back up. Then, no hangs for many launches/closes.

Maybe some of you want to try this. Start from scratch: delete your defaults.xml file, launch Cubase, let a new defaults.xml get created, and set everything to the way you like it (pref and key command files, ‘always on top’, etc). Close Cubase (all of the changes you just made need to be written to the defaults.xml file - that happens when you close Cubase) and immediately make a copy of the newly created defaults.xml file. Place that copy in another folder, and leave it there as a b/u - don’t move nor delete it. When you experience a hang, let Cubase close completely (gone from the TM), and then delete the defaults.xml file that Cubase uses (from the app data folder), and c&p the b/u. And see if you experience any hangs over the next several launches/closes. If it takes a while to experience a hang, this is a step in the right direction. If that’s the case, when you finally do experience a hang - repeat the process: delete the defaults.xml file from the app data folder, and c&p the b/u again. And see if you experience any hangs over the next several launches/closes.

I’d be interested to see anyone’s findings.


Just upgradet to 6.5. Now every time I close the app I get a runtime error.

Greetz Dylan.

Well, I’d say, if a Steinberg production manager calls up here asking for information regarding trouble with 3rd party plug-ins, that suggests that they already have an idea about possible error sources.

All I’m saying is that a significant amount of people (once again it’s a sample that obviously shows a trend, at least for the “universe” called Steinberg forum) have a significant problem with one crucial feature of the software, that is to say closing the programme, getting an error message and eventually losing data, on its creation people may have wasted an awful lot of time and passion!

Just an official statement would be a nice gesture.


Having an idea is not exactly a reproduceable case, and ofcourse they know in which direction to look, as Chris Beuermann already wrote about earlier in this thread: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3291&start=200#p91208

You can’t know whether it is significant or not, even for the forum, and you certainly can’t say there is ‘obviously’ a trend. Again: 5 Cubase versions and more than a year.

still hanging on exit here for nearly 1 minute every time :astonished:

No amount of arguing is going to deny the fact that the crash/freeze on exit is an issue for some users. If it isn’t for you, that’s good on you, but for many others - myself included - it is an issue. It is not just one or two users who are experiencing it, but many more. And I do think Steinberg should show more response in the matter, at least acknowledge the possibility of this being a bug and show that they are looking into it and working towards a solution. From the very few responses Steinberg has offered in this thread, it has not become obvious to me that they acknowledge the possibility of a bug leave alone that they are looking into it or working towards a solution.

You’re right on the mark, dude!


C6-64 hangs but for 3 to 5 minutes then closes.

During this time, it accesses a file named “MIDI DEVICES.BIN” (seen with the resource monitor), the system disk LED is fixed ON.

Did a 6.5 upgrade from Cubase 6 on a Win 7 64 bit O/S. Same problem occurred - crash/error on every exit.
Although the Defaults.xml trick may work for some, it didn’t work in my case.

I uninstalled midi devices, 3rd party software, and everything Steinberg (manually deleted the Steinberg program files as well - the uninstaller didn’t do it).
I reinstalled everything in the following order:

  • Cubase 6 and 2 Steinberg VSTs.
  • 6.0.5 update.
  • 6.5 update.
  • then installed a CMC device.
  • then installed the 3rd party midi keyboard controller - novation sl mkii.
    Crash/error on exit is now resolved. Cubase 6.5 opens, operates and closes squeaky clean now.

It’s possible the 6.5 update installer may have a problem with some 3rd party midi devices. And considering J-Luc’s post, I have a feeling reinstalling the Novation controller/software might have shortcut the long reinstall everything process.

I have the same issue the hanging has dissappeared since installing 6.5 ive had the “cubase has stopped working” error on every exit so i tried to reinstall the notvation sl mk11 version 3.7.4 and then 4.2 and they both had the same eorror on exiting 6.5 so i think its more to do with the 6.5 installer


with C6.5, same problem : 1 minute for the exit or "cubase has stopped working’’ sometimes.
I save a new fresh 6_64 pref, I install it and after it’s OK for about five use of C6.5. But again the same issue comes.

@filterfreak - interesting. It certainly seems the problem is with the update installer.
Have you tried uninstalling all your midi devices and related softare(automap 4.2) - including the cmc and ci2+ - then open C6.5 and be sure the devices are removed from Device Panel [I couldn’t open C6.5 after uninstalling Automap 4.2, until I manually removed Automap dlls from all the C6.5 Program Files sub directories, e.g., ‘Midi Gate (Automap).dll’ ] - then run the C 6.5 update installer - ‘Custom’ install to run a reinstall - then install all the midi devices? (assuming you are using the devices in your signature).

I should note that in the entire uninstall and reinstall process to get 6.5 update installer working I never had to reinstall the audio interface (mackie 820i). Plus I am only using C6.5 64 bit, not 32 bit. If that matters or not - I do not know.

hi jki

To be quite honest no i haven’t uninstalled anything apart from automap and yes i am using all devices that are writen below .
The "cubase has stopped working " does appear every time i shut down c6.5 but it does not cause me any halm and it is too much hassel to uninstall everything and reinstall and as you know yourself all you have too do stop close it is double click the box once and 6.5 closes which to me is a step in the right direction instead of having to wait 5 or so minutes


Hi John, that’s a good point. Tolerance for resolving this one will certainly vary. Due to the fact that I’m practically OCD when it comes to software on my system, I couldn’t live with it, and found myself naturally compelled to travel the 5 miles to resolve a 2 inch problem. :slight_smile:
Hopefully an update is in the works to resolve this issue at a normal tolerance level.