POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

I’ve been putting Cubase 6 through its paces. I’ve found that loading BFD 2 (32bit plugin) then trying to quit Cubase, freezes it. Just using the built-in bridge for now, that’s the only plugin I have so far with that problem (testing them all right now in fact).

I just noticed that if C6 hangs on exit, it DOES eventually close (I guess). I closed it a while ago and it hung. I left it (instead of opening task manager and forcing it to quit) and went in the other room for a bit. When I came back it had closed.

Whatever is causing it, it is very intermittent. Sometimes I’ll close it a dozen times with no problems, then it will hang every time for a while.

Hope we figure this one out. Rather inconvenient

It happens to me only on the 64 bit version of Cubase and only when I use third party 32bit plugins.
I load cubase with the demo song “Live Forever” several times and it never hanged on exit.
Seems that the Vst Bridge has some problems.

amen :wink:

cubase 6 hangs here as well on exit, x86 on Win7 x64

I am the OP and I never use VST bridge. I use jBridge. Also I har seen this only using x64 native plugs (which I almost always do).

I have posted here a few times claiming to have FOUND A PATTERN. And so far, every time I find one, eventually it becomes false.

I still have not found a regular thing that makes C6 crash on exit. I have many 3rd party plugs installed and it has happened with none and it’s happened with some running.

For the past several days, I have not seen a single hang.


This problem is three years, and two versions old.


There are several more threads about this on the old forum.

Been happening here since I sarted using C5.0 64 in Vista 64. Still happens in W7. Has nothing to do with loopmash (don’t use that here) nor 3rd party plugs (happens with NO plugs). Has nothing to do with memory; I have 12 GB, and have seen this when my total RAM usage with the C5 project open was at 1.3 GB. Only happens on occasion, and the problem is, even tho you end task the app, the VST Bridge, the vid engine, and Synsopos with ctl+shift+esc, there are still threads running. Sometimes it takes 5-10 min unitl the threads stop running and Cubase is no longer listed in the TM, sometimes they never stop (left it overnight once). The other part of the problem is that until all of the threads actually stop running, the computer will not shut down. The OS either goes into shutdown mode and hangs, or does a RAM dump with a BSOD. So, the only way to shut down the computet sometimes is to yank the power cable. Not good.

I am willing to bet the farm that SB is aware of this, has been for over two years, but has no clue as to what to do here. That’s the entire farm.


No need for such a brutal act; holding Power button for cca 5 seconds will do - always.

Jeff brings up a good point.

I had puter once where the only thing that get working properly again
was to PHYSICALLY un-plug it from the wall ac and plug it back in.
A forced re-start or shut-down would not do the trick.

I believe that there was some sort of chassis ground prob or such.

I cleaned it and then burned it. Felt good!


No - not always. Depends on how you have your Power Options > Advanced Settings set, and also your bios. Tho, to be honest, I am not sure of the heirarchy.

And even if the settigns dictate that the power button shuts down the computer, it doesn’t always happen.


It has nothing to do with Power Options (Windows) nor BIOS settings - I am not talking about “pressing” the button, but about “holding” the button for long enough time.
This is a feature of ATX motherboards / power supplies.

Ok, maybe my posts were not too clear.

Speaking directly to the topic of this thread > when C6 does not quit entirely, and you Start > ShutDown -or- press and hold the power button, the OS does go into shutdown mode; ie, the desktop disappears, and the “Shutting Down” window appears, but the computer does not shut down (or restart). It either hangs at that “Shutting Down” window, or does a RAM dump with a BSOD, and hangs there. Thereby, a yank of the power cable is the only way to reboot.

So yes, “holding” the button for long enough time will send the OS into shutdown mode, but the computer does not shut down.


when you press&hold the power button for 5 seconds, a PC shuts down immediately, just like pulling the AC cable. I’ve never seen a PC that doesn’t do this. Even when you’re looking at a nasty blue screen it still works. So it’s not an OS feature, it’s hardware. When you see the “shutting down” window appear, that’s Windows shutting down, not the hardware. Try hold the button long enough, 5 seconds should do it.

Exactly, this is what I had on my mind…

I’ve never had to do this with this problem. I Cntl + Alt + Del to the task manager and tell it to end C6 “task” under the applications tab. It thinks about it for a minute then tells me the program wants to shut down. I say, “Close Program” and it quits completely. I can then restart C6 without rebooting.

That is with this particular problem.

I dont think you are understanding. I am NOT saying that pressing and holding the power button does not send the OS into shut down mode - it does. Please allow me to say it again. Here, pressing and holding the power button does send Windows into shut down mode. But the computer does not actually power down.

Absolutely 100% incorrect.


Yes 64 bit. 25% of the time

Sounds like different people are having different behavior. Some people can kill the stuck process in task manager. Others can’t (I have experienced both). Some can reboot, others can’t.

On my machine; 100% CORRECT (Vista32)

I think there is sometimes (not always) a setting in BIOS (Advanced Power Management…?), whereby you can determine what happens when the Power Button is held. (I’m not checking the machine right now to prove this…).