Poll: Rate Cubase 8 first release stability

Out of 10 what do you rate the stability of the first release of Cubase 8?

  • 10 - Most stable Cubase ever! not a single abnormality!
  • 9 -
  • 8 -
  • 7 -
  • 6 -
  • 5 - crashes and instability problems but useable…
  • 4 -
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1 - Cant even get Cubase to boot to opening screen…uninstalling!

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for those “early adopters” who have already updated to Cubase 8, the rest of us would like you to rate out of 10 how stable your experience has been, to give us a better idea of whether the water is warm enough for us to also jump in feet first with a first release (or whether we should be sitting back and waiting for a few revisions…)…rate now!

For me it was as stable on Day 1 as C7.x was after two years.

Edit: I will revisit if there are any problems.

I’ll come back to this thread after I finish installing all of my sample libraries (it’s taking forever!).

Kind of early but…

So far CB8 is very stable after (1) day used for installing and setting it up and (4) full days of typical use. Zero crashes or abnormalities.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Nothing other than an occasional graphical abnormality. Not a single crash or freeze.

It’s been very stable on OS X, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s a big jump from 7.5 in the audio engine especially.

I’m overall extremely happy - with the exception of the persistent “Video engine is currently not responsive” bug (2 years on, and it’s STILL there). I’ve submitted a fresh issue report for 8.0.0. Here’s hoping it gets fixed finally… ( Steinberg Forums )

It’s was smooth in 7.5.3 and this version is the best yet. At least for my system. Super good here :smiley:

I don’t have that many problems with Cubase 8. There will always be a few probs on an initial software release (normally with workarounds). But the stability has been good here.

this is really great news so far! thanks for the comments and votes, keep them coming!

EDIT: hmmm the more votes we collect the less good news it seems to be showing…


How can anyone vote it the most stable ever after 1 week :slight_smile:

I was ticking along fine until I started playing with the Bass amp and that’s where it fell down. I’ve not gone all that deep into R8 so there may be some more disasters to find.

Well it would be a bit of a stupid poll if you’re not allowed to vote for some of the options given wouldn’t it?

For a poll about stability, you really should separate Mac and Windows.Stability issues are often related to one platform or the other. Your poll gives 24% at 9 (when I’m writing this). Are these people all running Macs, or are they all running PC’s, or is it fifty-fifty.

Being a Mac user I’m not concerned with stability issues the only affects Windows users. The opposite is also true.

A poll like this is very welcome. However, unless you make separate polls for Mac and Windows, the results are useless. In the worst case it spreads misinformation.

point taken :slight_smile: just thought the option of stability wasn’t relevant yet :slight_smile:

I gave them a “9”.

Just some minor bugs “no show-stoppers” but I have the ability and knowledge to work around the minor problems.
I have also find some minor problems and graphical issues that I will do an “official”-“Issue Report” about inside here-------> Steinberg Forums

I think that’s much better approach to solve problems instead of whining and b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g about them over the whole FORUM. There are plenty of those threads already! :wink:

Best regards

Would have given it top until yesterday when I had two complete crashes losing a bit of work. Never had a single crash under 7.5 so I just hope these are goinng to be rare

Win 7 64, Cubase 8 32bit, Large multislave VEP Templates:

After a few tweaks - rock solid with slightly improved asio performace over 4 projects currently on the go.

Very happy.

Tried the bass amp and did a lot of Render In Place, got 5 crashes, in no time. Worked for 10 hours on a project mainly mixing and no problems. It really depends on the usage.

Now i have all the presets installed it’s running a dream , i have been playing around with a large project , loading and unloading all sorts of Fx’s and i have not had one stutter or crash , C8 feels responsive,tight and pretty spot on for a .0 release … Love it !

I’m suffering frequent glitches and dropouts, enough so it is unusable. I can’t record a 15 second kickoff without a problem. NO LOAD showing in VST Performance. Yes, I’ve trashed my preferences. C 7.5 runs OK on the same system. Not a slow machine, either, and nothing installed on it but my (64 bit) audio software.

I’m still doing trials with ASIO guard on and off. So far doesn’t seem to make a difference. Yesterday, another issue started. Track armed for record. I hit the record button, then, as the cursor starts to move after the precount, the record indicator simultaneously switches off and it’s back in play mode! I have to hit record while the cursor is moving for it to work!