popovers in Dorico


Anyone knows if there is available a current list of “Popovers in Dorico”?

The one published in the Steinberg help site is the one I have been using, titled:
“Popovers in Dorico
Version 1.1.10, July 2017”


I don’t think there’s a new list…

No New list, but two New popovers in Version 1.2 :
Shift+U for Cues, and
Shift+F for fingering.

Can be found in the Version history: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_dorico&L=1

Thank you very much MarcLarcher and Buer.
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The intervals popover (Shift+I) is also needing added to this document.
Are there any others?

The Shift+R popover is not included in this version of the document, and it’s missing details of a couple of other minor changes introduced in Dorico 2, but it’s otherwise up-to-date.
dorico-popovers.zip (421 KB)

is there an updated list of popovers now? Googling for one still serves the version for 1.0


I think this is the latest for July 2018, both the popovers and tokens in the zip file.

Tokeovers.zip (498 KB)