Positioning Transport Panel on 2nd Display (Mac)

Hi. This is a really weird one, and just wondered if anyone else had the same setup and could replicate this.

I have just installed Cubase 6 on an iMac with a dual monitor set up. The iMac is 27", the 2nd display is 24" so they are different resolutions. However, that’s never been an issue, and all was well with Cubase 5.

Anyway, I always position the Transport panel on the bottom right of the 2nd display (which is on the left), but in Cubase 6 I cannot move it to the bottom of the screen, it just "gets stuck’ before it reaches the bottom. No matter how much I try and move it down, it just won’t go!

It goes to the bottom of the main screen, and if I gradually move it across to the other, it starts off at the bottom, but when it’s about half way between the 2 screens, it jumps up to the ‘stuck’ position.

Moving sideways is no problem.

So, a strange one that I expect n oone else in the world will have, but I thought I’d ask!



I have a very similar set up, but have not encountered that specific issue.

WIll other ‘things’ go down into the problem area? like…an editor or a plug in (for that matter a finder window)? That might tell you weather the issue is with the iMac / monitor or weather its specific to the transport panel object.

I know I had to cycle through a variety of screen resolutions and settings before things settled in on the second monitor, but the upgrade to 6 didn’t effect it in any way.

not much help I’m afraid, but, FWIW.


Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated. In answer to your question, all other windoes and plug-ins are fine (and the performance meter), it’s only the transport panel. Outside of Cuabse there are no issues, and I checked and it still works OK in Cubase 5. Very odd indded.


I have the same problem. A friendly user made me aware about this topic I missed.
My own complains:

Ah, thankfully I am not going mad then! Sounds like it’s a weird bug then. Only minor I know, but I am so used to having the transport there.

Hello and thank you, we will have a look into it. (28078)

Works fine here on my system

Thank you. Let me know if you need any further info.

I got the same problem here:

Snow Leopard 10.6.6

Main Screen: 2560 x 1024
Second Screen: Macbook Pro LCD Color: 1440 x 900

In C5 works fine.

In case no one’s seen, a fix for this is apparently ‘Ready For Testing’ (hopefully, to be put in the next update for you)

That’s good to see.

I was going to post again as I also have an issue with the MArker window never staying on the 2nd monitor when I open a project - it always reverts back to the other even if saved on the left one. And also the transport hard disk monitor whilst it stays at the bottom of the left monitor when you put it there, it always moves up the screen to a different position when re-opening a project. I suspect this is all related.