Possible to set midi input to specific channel?

Hi folks,

When recording input on a midi channel I can select “All Midi Inputs”, or select my midi interface (Tascam US-1800)

Problem is, it records ALL of the midi tracks onto each track, then i have to dissolve the track and rename and drag them to the appropriate tracks to work with them better.

Question is: Can i select a midi track to ONLY record midi input data coming in on midi track 14, and another midi track to ONLY record the input from what’s coming from channel 13, etc?

I know i can set the outputs, but it’s such a cluster to see ALL the different midi channels when i go to edit one specific thing.


Answer is: Yes you can. Use Input Transformer.

Correction: looks like Input Transformer isn’t available in LE/AI

It is available in LE1, for info.

Thanks guys,

I tried to edit a signature that reflects I’m using Cubase 5LE, but i cannot find a preference or setting in the user control panel to do this. (any help?)

Anyways, i found a video on youtube using the Input Transformer, but it doesn’t seem to be available in my version.

I find it odd that such a simple thing as filtering a specific incoming midi channel’s data to a specific track should be so complicated as to have to record EVERY midi tracks data, then dissolve them to individual tracks, then rename them, delete unwanted ones… etc. Why would they make it this difficult? Am i missing the trees thru the forest?


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Do it through the Forum section of your MySteinberg account.

If they gave it all away for free there’d be no incentive to upgrade to the versions that contain the features absent in the bundled versions.

Ah… thanks for the edit tip Mitten, couldn’t find it in there.

And Jarno, since it’s Transform isn’t available in LE… is there any other way to do this other than the way i mentioned in my original post?

Dang, i was really hoping for a simple “midi track# in/midi track# out”.

Such is life.

Im afraid there’s no easy way. Whenever I have to split midi track to 2 (when there’s no appropriate tool for it), I just duplicate the track and remove unwanted notes from each duplicate.

Thanks Jarno…

That’s what i’ve been doing, kinda tedious, but it gets the job done.


Just saw this post:
Would this work with your version of Cubase?

Thanks for pointing it out. I really have to go to the doctor to get my head MRI-scanned. There’s moments I suspect there’s no brains inside there.