Possible to swing individual tracks?

On ableton live, my mate uses a feature where he can adjust the swing of a an entire track. For instance his audio kick drum track. (The music we are writing is really groovy and swingy. All the parts are slightly off). So Obviously,we can manually do it by removing the snap and moving all the selected parts off the grid. But if I want to line up all the parts to the same identical amount of swing, this is finicky and time consuming with zooming… Does cubase have a similar feature? Or Is there a way to set up an fx chain in cubase to create the same effect?

In the Inspector you can add Quantizer as a MIDI Insert, that one has a Swing function (only positive though) and is track based.

If you want to match the timing of an existing part (or edit one and then match all others) save a Groove Quantise preset.


Use track delay in the inspector