Post-fader plug-in's routing gets lost in multi-channel tracks

Dear Fredo,

It makes no difference here whether I shut down the machine in between or just reload the project.

I saw the different position of the “Postfaderslotpositionline” :laughing: in your screenshots.

I tried myself and could narrow it down a little further I think.
I now have a Project with two multichannel groups.
-Post fader insert line between Insert 15 and 16
-Insert1 stereo plugin L/R
-Insert 16 stereo plugin on last two channels

-Post fader insert line between Insert 1 and 2
-Insert1 stereo plugin L/R
-Insert 3 stereo plugin on last two channels

Group 1 is always recalled correct,
group 2 is always recalled wrong.

This might explain different results, when different people tried to reproduce.
I did not dig in deeper, whether it is the Insert position or the post fader insert line position, or a combination of both.


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Huh! :hushed:
Thanks for pointing out that small, but remarkable difference, @Dirx ! I’ll give it a try myself ASAP.

BINGO!!! @Fredo :slight_smile:

@Dirx has given the hint to the crucial variable! I can confirm that the error described in my messages and tests is indeed and reliably dependent on the position of the plug-in in respect to the fader. Multi-track routing for post-fader plug-ins is recalled correctly only in slots 11 and 12. In all other slots, the routing is reset to default in a post-fader position, regardless of where the fader is placed.

… to make things even more complicated, even pre-fade multi-track routing is NOT recalled properly in slot 11 as soon as the fader is moved to the position between slots 11 and 12.

Here is a simple test project that show-cases the issue:

NU11Routing Test4.npr (452.8 KB)

@Steinberg: Please fix.

Will bugbase this.


Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a bump, every now an then. :sunglasses: