"Post It Notes" - Stickied to regions, etc

Sometimes I find it could be handy if I could make notes right in the project.

On regions/waveforms:
-Marking problems + description/solution
-Notes or interesting parts on different takes

on channels:
Channels already have notes, but what about notes on/by the fader about different levels and changes.

Yes, this would be awesome. A lot of times I want to take notes, but it’s easy to forget that you made notes because they’re always tucked away. I end up writing on a notepad or posting to google keep, but it would be much nicer to have this feature built into cubase like you described.


Thanks for the replies, also incredibly useful for multiple people working on the same session.

ie, exec producer can listen through a session project and just make notes everywhere - what needs to be better, what needs to be edited, vocal intonation weird here, etc, etc.

It would be great if there were some features within this system like:
-Original note is posted, then others can add their own notes without changing the original, ie, notes on notes.
-People can check/sign into notes, ie, Note Seen by: - Adam W. - Hong L. - Chris M
-Different symbols for different types of notes: Idea, Emergency, Priority Level, Mistake, Edit, Question, Completed/Uncompleted.
-Colour coding
-Notes list - displays notes in a list complete with sorting features such as: Last viewed, hidden/non-hidden, completed/uncompleted, date created, created by, etc.
-Allow pictures in the notes with basic drawing tools - hardware recall settings, ‘print screen’ screen grab,
-Link to other notes, ie the same or similar problem might repeat in other areas. Maybe sub-notes could be created.


Yeah, the channel strip is sort of an odd place for notes as well… I almost never use these notes.

I’ve ended up using Markers and editing their description which works pretty good, but that gets cluttered and if you have a 100 tracks, or a lot of takes, it’s sometimes hard to know/remember what the marker was for. I also use Arranger Regions and edit their names and I also use the Description feature for regions themselves. But, still, this leaves my notes scattered, hard to see, lots of accidental deletions, etc, etc.

Resosnant Mind, exactly!

I think “signing in” to notes might make it a little over complicated, but I think people could simply have their own systems for recording communication, like just type your name after each note you take or something…

Also, I REALLY love your ideas for also being able to draw on the notes or have pictures, and the notes list idea is also great.

I was thinking more a long the lines of having an optional user login protocol for sessions actually, sort of an idea of its own. So peoples names would automatically be checked off on a note if the open it up, or names would appear if they make/add notes. But yeah, I agree, this would be a big and complicated feature to implement.