Post your Cubase 12.0.xx Crash Dumps

I can see new topics all over the place about crash dumps and freeze dumps of Cubase version 12.0.xx.

I guess this is frustrating for @Martin.Jirsak and all the others who analyze the dumps, replying on all the separate topics.

So I am starting this one in case we can make it a bit easier for all of us and them helping us. :+1:

How to find the DMP files

Usually you will find them at:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

Starting with my most recent:
Cubase 64bit 2022.6.11 (1.1 MB)

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When the crash happened, please? Could you describe the steps you did before? Is it reproducible?

Two days ago, on Saturday while working with an almost finished project, so lots of vsts, I first added an fx track and then added Seventh heaven pro on this fx track. Cubase immediately quit.

It is not reproducible, I therefore succesfully managed to use 7H on this project.

Apart from this one this update has been super stable for me

12.0.3 continues to freeze on my Win 10 (64-bit) machine.

Here’s the freeze dump file it created:


And here’s yet another one from this afternoon… so frustrating!


When does it happen, please? Which steps you did before the freeze? Is it always reproducible?


Both of them are in the Lustrous_Plates plug-in. Please, make sure the plug-in is up to date and get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Frankly, I don’t think it is easier for anyone analyzing dumps to have lots of them in one thread than in separate threads. It simply gets confusing after a while the more dumps and responses there are…

What would really help if people could learn to write proper bug reports, like mentioning their OS and version, tag the posts properly and describe how to reproduce the problem, so that Martin doesn’t have to answer the same questions again and again. (Don’t mean this post especially, but there are so many posts à la “Help! Cubase crashes” or similar…I admire Martin for his patience :slight_smile: )


Of course, no problem, it’s just a suggestion :smile:

I saw that you analyzed the dmp posted after mine, so what about mine, skipped that or?

@Martin.Jirsak :wave:
Cubase 64bit 2022.6.11 (1.1 MB)

Added seventh heaven pro on fx channel and cubase quit, not reproducible

machine Specs
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎4/‎2/‎2022
OS build 19044.1741
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0
Device name Fourth
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz
Installed RAM 16,0 GB (15,7 GB usable)
Device ID 45B4DBF4-AB59-44FC-9B38-6A2DB15A14A1
Product ID 00330-81483-79253-AA589
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch Touch support with 10 touch points

No Mac user here, but I think you should add the info where they can be found on mac as well.

The DMP file does not point directly to a plugin unfortunately. You are sure your plugins are all up to date, right?
How often do you have these kind of “random” crashes? or did it happen just once?

If it happens more times a day/week, I’d try to replace first Seventh Heaven Professional.vst3 temporarily with a different reverb and see if everything runs more stable. If thats not the case try to replace one of the other plugins, and so on. The following plugins show up in the dmp file:

TR5 Black 76.vst3
Guitar Rig 6.dll
WaveShell1-VST3 13.0_x64.vst3
Altiverb 7.dll
Seventh Heaven Professional.vst3

It can however be caused also by something different:

  • Your OS (do you have other stability issues? any slow downs?)
  • buggy/unstable audio interface drivers (possible but unlikely)
  • bugs inside of cubase (possible but unlikely)

But I’d try first to find it with the process of elimination of plugins.

This was one time crash, now I can use it without issues.

Interface drivers are not, sometimes when changing the buffer size I got playback problems i.e. noise. And if I switch from low buffer setting to high or vice versa (i.e. 64 to 2048) from studio setup, inside cubase, windows can as well quit.
It’s an RME AES32 all digital card and I got the latest drivers installed. Not sure what more can I do bout it… :thinking: Any ideas?

Just found out there is a new driver release for my rme. Trying this now

Nope… :pensive:

Here’s another Freeze dump file that was created for me today:



Any context would help. When did Cubase freeze? What did you do? What were the last steps?

Thats interesting… RME is known for their stable and hassle free operating interfaces/drivers. If your interface is giving you bluescreens now I would contact RME directly. Maybe there is really something wrong with your device on your system?

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Yes I agree, I am with RME for lots of years and never had a single problem.
I had this same card on same machine under windows 7 and had zero issues. Since I upgraded to windows 10 I 've been having troubles…

You 're right, I 'll do that!

Have you disabled “Fast Startup” in Windows 10?
That one setting rid one of my laptops of all of its BSODs.