Praise the new mixer look

Before I started using Cubase I was a poor lonely bedroom musician, but now I’m an internationally recognised recording artist.

Praise the new mixer look



P.S. Well said Bredo!!

Sorry, I don’t agree with you.

I like the new look in itself, it’s nice for sure.

But the missing track type colors will make my work with the mixer a nightmare, I guarantee you 100%. Everything is now grey. This is a mess.

I’m not a hater, I love Cubase but I’ll skip C6 because this is a real problem for me, it’s a workflow problem.

What’s the difference from C5 to the C6 that changes the work flow?

Are there any large screenshots available of the mixer? Can’t say I can comment on the new look without seeing it better. The “screenshots” thing on the vid page isn’t working for me… well wasn’t yesterday, I’ll try it again.


Working now. Mixer looks (except for the color) exactly the same to me so maybe there’s something going on I’m not aware of yet as to the changes being talked about that some don’t like.

The problem is simple : everything is grey :mrgreen:

Please, everything is explained here :

@Bredo, please excuse, didn’t mean to hijack your thread.

All the tracks have “e” so what do I miss?

I also am not a fan of the new mixer graphics. Wasn’t it supposed to lean closer to protools??

I can’t believe some people are saying they can’t tell which tracks are from which group with the colour bar at the bottom of the mixer. It couldn’t be any plainer to see. But whatever, if they get what they wish, I hope it’s an optional adjustment, because the new format cleans up the look a bit, imo, makes it less noisier to the eyes.

I hear you. I thought you could change most of that but I’m not going to speculate on C6 anymore… just wait for the demo instead.

Look at the bright side (no pun intended). You can tell many people it’s Nuendo and they probably won’t know any better. :mrgreen:

It’s been officially clarified that the DAW colour scheme can be adjusted to preference. Whether that means any shade of grey you chose, or any colour you choose, I’m unsure, but I believe one of the admins posted a shot where they made C6 have a classic blue theme.

Yes if it’s optional it’s completely fine for me.

Please understand that I find it very hard to work with the mixer if all 80 or 100 tracks are the same color. Now Cubase looks like Nuendo, this is awesome, but the problem of not being able to identify clearly audio, midi, instrument, FX and group channels in an easy way looks like a drag from my perspective.

I would have loved that the mixer channels themselves can be personalized/colored for better vizualisation,

as well as the track inspector to be colored differently for each track in the arranger window…

I prefer the new mixer over the old one… it looks more clean, organized, and professional IMO.

Hi Terry, no need to speculate about this.
It was ‘sort of officially’ ( The Oracle ) confirmed that, the channel backgrounds are all the same color, now.
And Chris already mentioned, it will be discussed at Steinberg on monday.

bye, Jan

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