pre VST5 songs - HELP NEEDED

Hello. I’ve got Cubase VST songs dating back to 1994/96 that i just can’t seem to open. Any songs after that i have managed to salvage using SX3/import but these earlier song i am at a total dead end.
They were written on a mac and i’m wondering if this is where the problem in retrieving them lies. I’m running SX3 on Windows XP and that works fine importing post 96 mac VST songs. I think these later songs were written using VST5 on the mac but the earlier songs must have been VST 3-4.

Can anyone help me out at all?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Check out the thread “Atari PRO24 to LE4 HOW???”.

Basically, Steinberg stopped supporting the import of older songs, & there is no direct method of doing this.

The only workarounds are viable but incredibly tedious.

(Of course, if you do find a better method than exporting/importing MIDI files & manually copying the missing info, please LMK!)

This is an old battle, please join in and revive old threads for a social push on the subject: :slight_smile:

If you’re on Mac this will help, using an .app called Wineskin, you install your old Cubase version into the .app. Even works on Mavericks.

More info here: