Pref for minimum track height?

My tracks spend a lot of time at their minimum display height, to fit as many as possible on the screen at once.
But at that size, it’s not possible to get to the color control button without dropping down a new automation track instead. It’s annoying, especially when creating new tracks, to have to select the new tracks and drag them to a taller size to set them up, before returning them to their minimum.

Can anyone think of a faster way for me to set up tracks?
Just a few pixels taller than the current default minimum would make me happy.

Turn off “Snap track heights” in the zoom controls drop down menu (lower left corner of project window)

Yes, that’s how I have it set up already.

Maybe I can make a keyboard shortcut which inserts a track of a predetermined height, leaving room to set the color, etc.

There are zoom presets for the track width.
I have a few assigned to Key Commands. Maybe they can help?
I use the “Zoom Tracks 2 Rows” preset but there several presets that use different widths.
Look in “Key Commands” under Zoom.

There is also the option to have the selected track explode.
I mean the track automatically gets wider when selected.
Can’t remember what that one is called though.

See Operating manual (eng. pg. 88-90)

wait a sec. The color control is to the right of the automation track button. (right on the track number) How can the height of the track hinder that?

Maybe it’s my version (6.07) but when at the minimum height, the downward arrow (that opens the automation dropdown) overlays the color chooser. As soon as I increase the channel’s height, it gets back to the layout you describe.

Anyway, I made a Macro that responds to keyboard shortcut “a”,
which I have always used for “Add a new audio track” :

1 Add a new audio track
2 Zoom track
3 Zoom track

The double zoom gets the track high enough to expose the color chooser, so I’m happy.

BTW, I first tried to store a new track preset, but it always came up at the minimum height, so I gave that up.