Preference Option To Disable Cubase Video Services

I still occasionally get situations where my DVD drive stops working… when I leave Cubase, go to Adobe or WMP and then back to Cubase. If I promise never to use video, why should Cubase force the issue?

And some others too…
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You can delete the video files, FWIW, although I agree the better way would be to have Cubase disable it by option.

Thanks for the info on this, moving the video stuff out of the way sped things up significantly for me. It might have even made things more stable. So far so good.

And Media Bay…

Putting such options into the preferences would be a good idea, prevent people from butchering up the software installation and possibly causing oddball glitches (which will of course be blamed on buggy software that no one can fix - because no one mentioned that this and that file have been deleted…).

It would definitely improve the user experience generally.


This would be very useful.

I quoted myself because I want you to be aware of a possible issue if you use the quoted workaround…
You can disable CB video services using the aforementioned workaround but please know that some users have reported failures with CB maintenance release upgrades because of the moved/renamed video files. It looks like you must remember to replace/rename the video files back to their original state or the upgrade may fail.

I’m not sure if this causes failures to major version revisions but I do see reported issues for maintenance release upgrades.

Who knows if other issues occur because of these “self reprogramming” actions. I recommend not to do them but… I’m not the computer police so alter at you own risk.

Of course this all would be moot if a “real” preference option was incorporated. :wink:

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I like the idea.

Curious request regarding such a great feature !

However, the first step to resolve problems related to video services (on Windows) should probably be this :

I do agree that it is a great feature… but only for those who use it. Hence the request for a user preference to disable/enable it.

The request you refer to for CB running on Windows not be dependent on apple products…
That might correct the video error issues with CB so I suppose that might be a good thing (maybe not though :question: ).

Regardless, I still would request an option to disable the video functions anyway as, like I mentioned, I never use it and disabling it might release some system resources for… other stuff.

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I often see forum activity for this feature so I am bumping this request to see if it generates any more interest.
If not, it will drift into the sunset. :wink:

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Bumping since I still see many video issues in CB 8.5.

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I don’t use much the Mixer, maybe Steinberg could add an option to disable it too.

Maybe Steinberg should make a default empty customizable Cubase program and everyone activates the features they need !

With all due respect your request is still nonsense in my opinion.

Again, if you have problems with video, what you could request, is maybe, to ask to replace QuickTime in Cubase (PC). This would be the first step towards solving video problems.

Please don’t ask Steinberg to “remove” features and regress ! In my part I would like more advanced video features, more Scoring, more everything !

By the way, over the years, I have never had any video issues, expected being forced to install QT on my computers.

Sorry Prock to put a spoke in your wheel, but I was astonished the first time I saw your request, and I take the opportunity of your bump to say all I wanted to say the first time.

On the other hand, I give you a free bump, that’s definitely not what I wanted :smiley:

Wow! Interesting reply.

But I wonder if you even read my feature request or, more likely, maybe you didn’t understand it?

I did not ask to “remove” anything. I asked for an “additional” preference option feature that would allow users to toggle video services on or off. Meaning… If you want to use the video services, leave it on. If you don’t want to use video services, turn it off. If at some point after you turn it off you can turn it back on if the need presents itself.

Feel free to read what I requested in my 1st post and reply again. Thanks.

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I know exactly what you requested. That’s why I put the word “remove” between quotes !

The problem is that your request “suggests” that the video feature is not really needed nor important in a DAW and should be optional.

What I say is that Video in Cubase is as important as the Mixer, and should be improved to be even more present.
All it means is that you and I seem to have opposed points of view about the use of Cubase or a DAW.

The only thing I’m afraid of is the risk that Steinberg, seeing these kinds of posts, could eventually be led to think that Video in Cubase is not much used and could be taken down !!!

So It’s not in my interest to reply to this thread to let it hopefully “drift into the sunset” for good !
Sorry :wink:

+1 for this, however I’d even go further … many more features should be made optional, rather than having to load one monolithic glob of software regardless of the task at hand.

There was a time long ago in a world far away that Cubase did have such a structure (in the early VST32 days).

Well, maybe not quite as important as the mixer :astonished: but I do agree the video functions are rudimentary and badly in need of improvement. I get the impression that Steinberg is unlikely to do that as it would represent competition to the flagship Nuendo, so, could we at least have the option to turn it off altogether?

I still find your thoughts on what I suggested confusing…

So, for the record,
I never suggested that the Cubase video features are not important. Many users like you (I assume) use it. I actually stated in my first post that I figured the video features were great. You, somehow “think” I suggested it wasn’t needed or important :question:

I hope they improve all of Cubase’s video and audio features. It is because of these many Cubase features and capabilities us users keep purchasing it. In accordance with that, I hope they think the feature request I suggested in this thread is worthy of consideration.

And please don’t worry that Steinberg will remove Cubase’s video features because of this thread. The only person who mentioned stuff related to removing the video feature in this thread was you. And that, is funny. :laughing:

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I don’t think anyone wants the video features removed (such as they are), but they are currently so basic that a lot of us just disable them using the DLL-renaming method, as it can improve load times and seems to remove another source of instability.

If the video features were improved, the money I could save on other video software would be Steinberg’s for the taking …