Preference option to "Disable Cubase Video Services" & Other "Services"

The 3rd installment of a feature request:

Every time I start Cubase I see that these (3) video related processes start and run (there may be more?):

Wouldn’t it be better if these processes were not running for the users who never use the video functions that are offered in Cubase (like me)?

That’s why I am again requesting that a Preference option to “Disable Cubase Video Services” be added to the Cubase>Preferences menu for those of us who never use it. The video services could be toggled on/off as per the user preference.

I’m no computer expert but, I figure that disabling the video services will save some system resources that can be used for other Cubase features. Thus creating a better user experience for us “non-video music makers”.

I have to admit that now, with CB 9 running in Win 10, I no longer see the daily “Video Services Failing” error reports I was getting with prior CB versions. That’s good for me. :wink:

But, I still do see some CB9 users posting that the video services on their computer seem to cause issues. And one of the ways they still use to correct these issues is to disable the video services be renaming or removing the various video .exe files from the Cubase components folder. IMO that is just a workaround and should not be considered a “proper way” to disable it.

Regardless… even if the video services caused no problems, it makes sense to me to allow a user to disable the feature which may release some system resources for other uses.

Link to the same request in CB8:

This link to the same request in CB 7 has been deleted(?):

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3/17/2018: I edited the thread subject

So the fix is to rename C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\Components\videoengine.dll to videoengine.dll.bak

This video engine will be replaced soon. It’s easy to fix. Is this worth development time to you?

If it would be added though, it should be selectable here:

Wouldn’t it make better sense for Steinberg to fix the video problems - so that musicians aren’t wasting time renaming .dll’s just to get the program to start…

These issues with the videoengine dlls & exe’s have been around for years, and the company seem perfectly ok with people being unable to use chunks of capability(for which they have paid).
I first hit the videoengine dll issue in version 7. Like a dummy; I accepted the workaround which stripped me of video capability, just to get things working.
Here we are years later, I need to do some video work, and I update to 7.7 only to find the same old junk, and people still talking about the problem with version 8.

These forums are filled with people who have paid full price to beta test software that should never have made it out the door. Really, deeply depressing to see users pleading with the company to give them a checkbox to implement such a horrible hack into commercial software.

Personally I’ve had enough of this kind of nonsense - I expect reasonable standards of quality when paying for software, and this is all too much of a pattern with Steinberg.

Your post has little to do with my request for a user preference. You would be better served discussing your issue in the “issues” section of our forum. So… If you think my request is a good idea… +1 it. If not, don’t.

BTW… I don’t disagree with what you say. Steinberg should definitely fix all issues with the video portion of Cubase.

But, I would still like to see a user preference to turn the video services off/on. With that preference available a user can turn the video services off (saving system resources) when they don’t need it and turn it back on when they want to use the video related features.

At least my request was bumped… Thx :wink:

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It’s completely redone in Nuendo 8, and we’ll get the new engine soon too.


Been a problem for-ehver.

+1 I have no need for the video in cubase.
Option to disable should be standard.

It’s not like these services are doing anything if you aren’t using them. And they will be overhauled.

If a fix is on that way, that’s good to hear.

In my case, those services have -frequently- conflicted with other programs that I occasionally need to fire up. I usually end up shutting down Cubase in order to run anything else with ‘video’… and since it takes my CPRs many minutes to load, that adds up. So you can forgive the o/p… trust me, it’s a drag when it happens to you.

any quick fix way to disable in osx?








I’m bumping this thread because I see a bunch of recent posts asking for things to have preference options to disable them. Things like “VST connect” and the “Hub”. I’m no expert but, from what I read some of these things are activated by a .dll (maybe?). And since some op systems apparently have limits associated with .dlls, this request makes even more sense.

So, in addition to “Video Services”, I am adding the items listed below to have a preference option to disable them completely too (the kind of disabling that might even require you to restart Cubase when you change the preference):

  • VST Connect
  • Hub (I know there is an option to not use the “Hub” but, apparently choosing this does not stop the associated services from running)

Please add additional items as you think of them. Thanks :wink:

Also, I am editing the post subject accordingly.

Regards :sunglasses:

+1 for disable , VST Connect, Hub, and Video Services.

Same here.