PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script

No, sorry, mr.roos,
100% of my available time that I invest in developing the script for the FaderPort is for new updates. The next new update is in progress.

Of course I can also answer questions in between.
by the way… I was recently asked how I make my decisions when developing, for example, why I chose the color yellow for the Pan LED. I don’t think anyone else is interested, but there is a real reason for this decision. I bought my first mixer about 40 years ago, a Starsound Dynamix 212, where the pan potentiometers were yellow:

Best Regards
CKB (Christian) :innocent:


I’ve found a bug, maybe.

If I press forward key the cursor moves forward as espected, but when I release forward key, the cursor go on moving forward.
This do not happend with the rewind button.
I rolled back to the previous release of the script and the behavior of forward button is correct.
Is there anybody having the same problem?

Windows 11 and Nuendo 13.0.21

Hi Lluís,
I cannot reproduce that problem here.
Which previous version did you reset to? 2024-01-14 or 2023-11-19?

Have you tried some troubleshooting from the setup-pdf like that? :
Delete all program preferences of Cubase per starting Cubase with Ctrl-Alt-Shift (= Strg-Alt-Shift) to delete all Cubase preferences. This is usually also necessary if a new Cubase update or release has been installed.

Once you have done this and reinstalled the new script version 2024-01-22, reboot your system, start cubase and create a new empty project with only one audio track. Will then the FWD button work for you?

Best Regards

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I installed again the 2024-01-22 and now it works fine… :thinking:

Maybe there’s something weird with Nuendo in my computer… the home and end keys sometimes don’t work inside Nuendo either. But they always work with other applications in windows. :rage:

Thanks for your kind help,

Hi, thanks for your awesome work… Just as I was reading this thread, bought a faderport and it’s a real workflow upgrade… Your script is unbelievable…

One question about the AI knob: is this indeed only working on Cubase plug-ins? Or am I doing something wrong?

It does work on padshop, retrologue… But nowhere else?

Thanks, Daniel


I have read different things about this, but I have specific cases where the AI function (value under mouse) works with plugins that are not from Steinberg.

I use instrument-plugins from Spitfire and also Pianoteq from Modartt. Quick Controls are provided there for Cubase. When I expand the plugin-windows with a click on ‘QC’, I see the 8 Quick Controls as a summary. There I can operate the software knobs also with the AI function (value under mouse).

So I’ve tried yesterday with many instrument plugins, for example from NI (KK, Maschine) as well as FX insterts like Cableguys…
None of these did react in any way…
I wonder about the difference between steinberg and 3rdparty plugins.

Do you think this has to do with the QC premapped?

Hi, maybe this answer, and thread in general would be of help. Long story short, it’s up to the developer of the vst plugin to expose its parameters to the AI knob functionality.

It does help, thanks!

new update available - January 31, 2024

Hello friends,
here comes a new update…
First of all, I would like to announce, that the script now has its own name fp-wizard which also determines the filenames of documentation.

What’s new and how it is operated is described in detail in the release notes.
Here’s an overview of what’s new:

extension and improvement of the Custom Mode to this range of functions:

  • direct link to 51 free selectable custom functions on 3 custom pages
  • switch between custom pages with just one button
  • display the number of the selected custom page with LED feedback
  • modify value under mouse with motorized fader in custom mode
  • modify value under mouse with knob in custom mode
  • all transport functions available on custom pages
  • 9 custom default functions as preset
  • hide / show left zone as custom default function with button
  • hide / show lower zone as custom default function with button
  • hide / show right zone as custom default function with button
  • undo as custom default function with button
  • redo as custom default function with button
  • direct link to Quantize Panel as custom default function with button
  • quick exit from all 3 custom pages as custom default functions with button
  • 42 more free custom functions

news functions for each track:

  • pregain with knob
  • pregain level LED in 9 steps:
  • off, grey, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, orangered, magenta
  • automatic bidirectional synchronisation of pregain level LED
  • reset pregain with button
  • restore pregain in reset function with button
  • phase 0° / 180° with LED feedback
  • prefilter bypass on / off with LED feedback
  • summarized switch for prefilter bypass and phase in 4 steps with button
  • prefilter low / high cut frequency on / off with button and LED feedback
  • select low / high cut frequency slope with button and LED feedback
  • summarized switch for low / high cut on / off and slope in 6 steps with button
  • low / high cut frequency with knob
  • reset low / high cut frequency with button
  • restore low / high cut frequency in reset function with button

other new functions:

  • total recall functionality for ‘all Quick Controls at once’ with button combination
  • automatic preparation for a total recall of all Quick Controls
  • easy option to swap solo button and mute button in the script
  • easy option to disable the complete pregain / prefilter functionality in the script

If you are interested in more new updates, you are welcome to put a like to this post and a vote to the whole topic. At the moment I’m thinking of adding a Send Mode to the script.
Of course, I will continue to make sure that the operation of fp-wizard remains as simple as before.

Here the complete new zip-file (all files inside are new): (2.9 MB)

Best regards

CKB (Christian) :innocent:


Thank you so much for your hard work, Christian!

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Thank you!

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This is absolutely amazing! You have turned my Faderport into my favourite thing in the whole world. Where will this end?

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I, for one, welcome our new FP Wizard overlords.

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Whoa! I’m already blown away by what the latest script before this one can do, Christian! I may not need this new version with all these added functions - but I will try it.

I have to add that you are most certainly a brilliant man to develop this script, but also incredibly generous to share it with Cubase users. Thank you, Christian!!!

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This is insane you added a pre-gain function after I asked for it lol ! incredible

I am trying to make it work, but doing SHIFT+Master take me to the EQ mode, pressing master again take me to the PAN mode, I am too dumb to figure how to access PF mode aha

EDIT : I modified line 125 on the script replacing false by true and I can access the PF mode and the pre gain.
I tried to link the Pre gain to the microsoft wireless knob using the Elephant software, I also tried to link it to one my arturia Knob, and I also tried on the nOb control… your integration of the pre gain IS THE BEST ! No weird behavior with the scaling function, no weird jumb, hats off !!

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Hi bensmir.hbs,
a detailed description of the PF Mode and how to use it can be found in the zip-file there in the release notes in the file fp-wizard_release_notes_20240131.pdf on page 2, in case there are any further questions.

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thanks again !!

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Thank you, but this is also due to PreSonus. They have designed the Rotate Knob of the FaderPort in such a way that the value difference for a step generally fits very well with the typical parameter range of Cubase.
Good to know what else you have tried.