PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script

thank you. now it works :slight_smile:

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Hi @nlopsy,

when switching between the Main Page and the Shift Page with the Shift Button, the last Mode is activated there. This is intended so that you can switch with the Shift Button with just one click, e.g. between any Mode on the Main Page and the value under mouse Mode or e.g. between the Event Mode and the Nudge Mode, etc.
Therefore, this behavior in the workflow sometimes requires fewer clicks on the FaderPort. I think most users are used to working like this.

This behavior should be reprogrammed in the script if it is not desired.


Hello @CKB,

A very big compliment on how you stepped in while my vacation and brought the script to just another unthought level. Your work and additions are awesome!

Many many thanks for spending so much effort into this.



Hi Werner,
what a lovely surprise and nice to hear that you are doing well.
And of course many thanks for your kind words here.

I have sent you a PM.

Best regards


*** update news ***

Hello friends, here’s some information in between:
The announced next update of fp-wizard is still in progress.
The implementation is more complex than I had initially thought, also because of the additional functions that I would like to realize for the desired Send Mode.

For example, I would also like to implement the bypass-switch and the pre/post-switch functions and also the multicolored LED color support for all the Send level settings. I might also be able to integrate the new special memory functionality into the Send Mode. I would find that interesting, as it would open up special additional possibilities, e.g. being able to quickly switch “live” between special Send configurations for a track, etc.

Of course, everything should be as simple and intuitive to use as possible. And, of course, the existing semantics of operation should be retained. That’s why I sometimes create several virtual design versions first, play them all through in my head for a while (for some days or longer) before deciding which version you should like best. That’s why it always takes so long.

By the way:
Thank you very much for some nice e-mails I received directly from you, also from users who do not have an account here in the Steinberg Forum but also work with fp-wizard.
It’s also nice to hear how many users are now working professionally with fp-wizard because of my latest enhancements. This is interesting, as the FaderPort only has one fader, but it is often said that reduced equipment promotes special creativity.
For some time now, the further development of fp-wizard has no longer been a leisure activity for me. It is a regular activity for me during my normal time as a software and product developer.

Best regards

CKB (Christian) :innocent:


This is great, what an effort to get V2 going, thank you!!

I have the Classic V1 running with Cubase and a few did ask if there’s a way to get their Classic working. Not sure if that was answered, but here’s the procedure and I include links to the files needed:

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I can’t seem to import the .js file in cubase. I’m on cubase 13. Am I missing something. I also added the file in the location as in the setup file but without success. Also, almost none of those folders already existed, so seems incorrect location.

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,
as described in the setup-pdf, you have to create the missing folders by yourself:

In the Explorer, go to the folder
… Documents > Steinberg > Cubase > MIDI Remote > Driver Scripts > Local

Press the right mouse button, create a folder PreSonus and go to this folder.

Then you are in the folder
… Documents > Steinberg > Cubase > MIDI Remote > Driver Scripts > Local > PreSonus

Press the right mouse button, create a folder FaderPort and go to this folder.

Then you are in the folder
… Documents > Steinberg > Cubase > MIDI Remote > Driver Scripts > Local > PreSonus > FaderPort

Copy the file PreSonus_FaderPort.js into this folder.

That’s it.

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Hi Christian, thank you so much for that great script! Is there any way to remove the repress function (0db) on the master button? I am destroying my speakers and ears if I repress accidently this button with my setup…
And one more question: is there a possibility to change the speakers in the control room with the Faderport V2? Thanks a lot for your great work!

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Hi Patrick,

When resetting the CR master volume, users have different preferences. Some users want a reset to 0 dB and configure their setup so that with this nothing is too loud, while other users prefer a medium volume as a reset.
You can specify the volume that - as a reset - is the best for you directly in the script itself. To do this, you must open the script (the file PreSonus_FaderPort.js) with a simple text editor and make an adjustment in line 59. If you change line 59 in the script for example from
const CRLevel_Value_0dB = 0.78908658
const CRLevel_Value_0dB = 0.34
then the value of the reset changes from 0 dB to -15 dB.
Note: The values depend on whether your project is set to max. +6 dB or max. +12 dB. Which value in the script results in which dB value, you have to experiment by yourself.

Yes, this is possible.
If you have defined a Monitor 1 and a Monitor 2 in your Cubase setup, you can use the script there to configure the Custom Mode so that you can switch between Monitor 1 and Monitor 2 using the FaderPort.
For example under CUSTOM 0, you could assign the Master Button to the switch to Monitor 1 and the Link Button to the switch to Monitor 2.
To find out exactly how to do this, you should first read how to work with Cubase’s ‘MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant’. You can find out also how to use the Custom Mode of the script in the fp-wizard release notes.

It will take a bit of time before you get it right. Here is a screenshot so that you can see if you are doing it right:

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Thank you very much for your quick response! I will try it tonight :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh…that was very easy…thank you so much!

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Hi @CKB , Thanks again for this outstanding work!

Is there a way to disable the motorized fader ?
Weird request I know, but my GF sleeps in the same room and I would like to disable at night


Hi bensmir.hbs,
on the Shift Page with the Touch Button
you can toggle the Moterfader Mode to off (Touch LED = pink) .

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I absolutely love this post. I would 100% do the same for my wife!


Thanks @CKB

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The reason why the Touch LED is pink when the Motorfader is quiet
is not only to make sure your girlfriend or your wife sleep well, also your babies… :cherry_blossom:


*** update news ***

Hello friends,

I wanted to announce that you will get another functionality with the next update…

Based on Porsche GTS and Vespa GTS you will get fp-wizard GTS.

GTS stands for Global Track Scroll.

No matter what you are doing and in which Mode (incl. QC Mode, Custom Mode, etc.) you are in, you can then use GTS to quickly scroll through all tracks from anywhere by holding down the Cycle Button and turning the Rotate Knob at the same time. Currently, you always have to switch to the Channel Mode to change the track with the Rotate Knob. I think this is not ideal, so I came up with the idea of developing an additional global function for it.
I have already implemented and successfully tested the GTS functionality. But I’m still not finished with the implementation of the Send Mode and the Cue Send Mode.

I think with GTS it will no longer be a disadvantage to have only one fader.

Best regards

CKB :innocent:


Hi CKB!!

I wonder if it makes sense and if there is a posibility of having the Bypass button to work whenever a plugin is on focus.

Maybe it is already implemented and I did not realize, but I think we are underusing the Bypass functionality.

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GTS ! …What a great Idea!!! Thank you so much for all that improvement!
Frohe Ostern,


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