PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script

I remember this question was raised earlier, and it turned out to be ‘not possible/compatible’ for the Old Faderport.

Hi again !

I’m sure everyone else has this covered but I haven’t seen any mention of it in the above posts so I thought I should mention that there is a firmware update at

Its Universal Control v4.0.0.90879 released on 6th December 2022.

I have installed it and had no issues at all - Faderport works as it should.

Remember though that after installing you will have to hold down ‘Next’ on the Faderport when you turn it on and then select ‘Solo’ to set it back to STUDIO ONE mode which is what WERNER’s Script requires.

Like I say, you all have probably done this but just in case you haven’t…


I have a crazy idea to add Send 1-4 to Master / Click / Section / Marker button as separate pages (so they would be selected and will be blinking/flashing from within Shift mode). So Fader will get Send value assigned, and Link - would be send on/off, Pan (Flip) or Click on Encoder - would switch Fader and Rotary encoder, and Pan or Channel or Prev/Next would switch between pre- /post- fader send.

In actual send control on the left side click on also open plug-in of the send channel - not sure if it is available in Remote API as well as insert/send bypass.

But one can dream…

Hi all. The Master button seems to have stopped working for Control Room Volume in the latest 12.0.60.

Can anyone else confirm?

Additionally, just noticed Pan and Click are also not working as they did before.



I did no full test until with 12.0.60 until now. I’m pretty sure that click did work for me. I’m also pretty sure that I didn’t use CR Master. I will have a look at this.


Thanks Werner. Still no luck here. Look forward to hearing back.

Hi Steve,

thanks for patience, I was not able to test earlier.

I can not confirm your described behaviour on my system (Win11 & Cubase 12.0.60). All is working as it should.

Some troubeshooting ideas:

  • Have you tried reloading the script?
  • Are you using the JavaScript file or the midiremote file? I run the JavaScript file. Maybe something went wrong on updating. Please try using the JavaScript file
  • Have you done any manual assignments (in Cubase)? Maybe there are some residual assignments you forgott to remove?
  • Is the FaderPort in Studio One mode?


Hi, i have a problem with the automation, after few seconds the fader of the faderport seems don’t feel the touch of my finger (even if i have put my finger on it) and exit automation write. Anyone have this issue?

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Yes. The same happens with my X-Touch Compact, totally different hardware. But if the fader remains still for a bit, maybe a second or so(?) it stops writing automation even if it’s still in write mode. I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe a setting we’re missing somewhere? Do you use Virgin Territory?

Virgin territory is disable, the strange thing is that even if i have my finger touching the fader seems that can’t remain connected to the software…when i start moving the fader, for example, Cubase start writing, but if i remain still in one point (even if my finger is on the fader) suddenly the software seems not receiving my hold and the automation return in the previous setting. I’m using the last Cubase version on Win 10.

Thanks for this script!! It made my week. I was close to throw the Faderport from my window. Now it works flawless . Amazing job!!


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Hi all,
for those (like me), who want to have - on a single page - a functional overview of the genius script from WEM, I have created a small PDF for the actual version.

best regards

WEM_FaderPort_Overview.pdf (635.7 KB)


Thy CKB for your work! Can I include this file in the zip-file?

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Yes, of course, WEM. :innocent:

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I was so pumped about this (specifically, the AI fader), I went and put my CC12 away & bought a faderport today.
What I DIDN’T expect was for it to work exactly like the old AI knob on the 121.
ie. only SOME plugins work.
Is this what everybody is experiencing?
If so… that’s a major bummer. I kind of feel like it’s useless (just like the old AI knob was) at that point, because once you know it’s kinda random, you default back to using the mouse.
It also doesn’t make much sense. Logic has this feature, and it works on everything.
Cheers, Adam


I made two additions to your script, that came out of my workflow. These additions also fit into your ergonomic concept, I think.

In the Main Mode of the Middle Section, you often link the Prev Button with the command “previous track”, the Next Button with “next track” and Press Knob with “toggle monitor state”, quasi as default commands, and I like this very much. Intuitively, sometimes I have expected this in the Shift Mode of the Middle Section and therefore I now implemented this as additions in your script.

First: In the Lock Mode, the Prev Button is now also linked with the command “previous track” and the Next Button with “next track”. What I also like about this, is, that even in the Shift Mode, the Channel Button has something to do with channel functionality.

Second: In the Zoom Mode, Press Knob is linked to “toggle monitor state”.

I find it quite convenient, if these important commands “previous track”, “next track” and “toggle monitor state” are also available in the Shift Mode of the Middle Section. With this I can stay more often for a longer while in the Shift Mode, because now there I have more functionality, only by changing between the Lock Mode and the Zoom Mode.

Maybe you like it like this also?

Attached is your script with the additions, commented with “// CKBa”
(If you like it, feel free to adopt it as your code.)
and (also in the zip-file) a newer version of the functional overview, if you like these additions.

Best regards
CKB (620.3 KB)

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You need a different setup for the v1. It does work wonderfully. I did a post on how to get it going along with the files you’ll need:

Hooray for WERNER, this script is very useful and work very well here (win 11, cubase 12)

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Does anyone know if the Presonus ioStation 24c can use these scripts?

The ioStation 24c is a FP v2 with an embedded sound interface.

it does! I use this script with ioStation