Presonus Faderport

Hey Folks,

i can’t get the faderport to work in C6. In C5 everything is fine, like it should.
In C6 faderport is found in midi port setup. But not listed in the pulldown menu of “add device”.
I’ve got the latest drivers for the faderport and also repaired disk permissions.
So any hints to get this work would be great :slight_smile:



did you try to copy the Faderport.dll in the “component” folder of cubase 6 (you will find it in the component folder of cubase 5 I guess)
hope it will work as I have a faderport too and about to move on cubase 6…

Hi entoine,

sorry. I forgot to write it is on mac osx 10.6.6. :unamused:
Actually neither 32bit nor 64bit is working with faderport.




same problem here with Faderport an C6. I tried working in Mackie HUI mode, but
then you have only support for some few functions.

I placed a ticket at Presonus yesterday, but actual waiting for response.



A ticket at Presonus is also placed.
Actually the Mackie HUI mode gives me almost every function thats needed (32bit and 64bit)
Buttons without function:

Until i receive a response from Presonus this will work for me. :slight_smile:



Got a solution from Presonus:

you have to copy the file faderport.bundle from your package to the component directory of
the package.

But it only works in 32 Bit mode



Hey Thomas,

thanks for the hint. :slight_smile:

You are right. Now detected in 32bit and still no support for 64 bit.
So hope for a update on C6 or a new driver package of Presonus. :unamused:



I have the same problem. My faderport does not work with win7 64bit and Cubase 6 64bit.
I put a notice to the Presonus and got the answer that should work with the connected power supply, but does not work.
Does anyone of you have already found a solution to this problem?

I only use my faderport for automation (not the buttons), but the fader part seems to read and write fine in C6 Win 7 64

My Faderport works almost fine in Windows 7 64 bit. I only had to copy the “FaderPort64.dll” file into the right folder (pogram files\steinberg\cubase 6\components).

ok thanks
In that case my faderport, which had just bought is broken and I had to send it for repair.

My Faderport broke within a year or so. As have most other Presonus products.

Not bitter or anything. :frowning:

I don’t like my Faderport at all. The pan knob doesn’t work well and I don’t like the touch of the buttons. But it’s small and nice to have at the side of the keyboard as an additional controller.

I wish CC121 was smaller, I haven’t enough space for that thing on my desktop.


The CC121 is not “that” much bigger. Don’t forget that the CC121 has a EQ section, that you can also use for the Quickcontrols, and Sends

The “hand” in the picture belongs Uwe btw


Nice picture, thanks :smiley:

I see it’s not that big, maybe I should try one.

My Faderport broke within a year or so. As have most other Presonus products.

Not bitter or anything.

I have mine almost since faderport was released (four years ago or something like that) and it’s working fine (I use it a lot). I find it pretty robust, I even drop a glass of coca cola on it (accidentaly of course) … so opened it to dry and clean it, and it works as new…
hope my new euphonix mc mix will have this longevity …

My fader started to stick, so I put a new one in - my Faderport works well with C6.
Pan as other poster has said, is rubbish though. The essential bits ie. transport and fader work fine


Hey Guys,

I’m about to buy a Faderport but first I’d like to know if it follows channel selection in Cubase ?

If I select a bass track for example with the mouse, will the faderport automatically focus this channel so I can use the its fader to control the fader in Cubase ? Or do I have to select the channel from the Faderport.

Thanks for your answers.


Yes the faderport will focus on the highlighted track. The fader will jump to match the fader position in Cubase. You can move focus either within Cubase or by channel select on the faderport.

I have a few pros and cons comments which may be useful:

Fingertip fader control, much better than mouse
Handy transport buttons, also loop, undo, select etc
Very easy and convenient to record automation data
Buttons can be re-assigned to taste
Clients like motorised fader!

After long use the fader started to stick and jump and I have replaced it - I found it quite easy to do*
Pan button is not very well matched to Cubase pan
Was some delay in mute button action in C4, but seems to be correct now with C6
Occasional problems getting record button to ‘latch’. I don’t think this is faulty switch though

*nb. I changed the fader myself out of warranty - Presonus refused to tell me the part type I required they said I must use an official service shop. Mmm!

Conclusion: Faderport IMO has a couple of oddities and limitations, but at the price I find it very convenient, it is in constant use in my set up, which in turn is in use all day every day.


Thanks so much for this detailed review. I think I’m going to buy one despite its limitations, I need a touch sensitive fader for automation. I hope it’s going to be useful.

Thanks again.