Presonus Studio one updates are far superior

It is good to see companies raising the bar with each update. Cubase is falling behind on their updates, I think.

Look at these amps. Pretty decent sounding.

This is just one example. Presonus is really trying new things. It is great to see that. Cubase updates have been a bit stale over the last few years unfortunately. IMHO.

Your choice. You know, what I mean?

Honestly things like this don’t mean anything to me, personally. I have amazing amp sims and don’t need Steinberg to make any. I wouldn’t at all say that this is a “far superior” update. If S1 also updated workflow, everyday use features features, and speed features faster than Cubase does, then I would say they are far superior.

Studio One updates are also more frequent and “free”.

Forget everything and just look at how smooth and snappy the GUI and response is. If S1 had Eucon support, I would be tempted.

This. Ableton and Presonus, among many others, put Steinberg’s development speed and customer care to shame. There’s no way either of them would have charged a fee for the scraps we were given in 10.5, and it’s not just about new features. Yes, we do have a choice and could jump ship, but if you’ve invested in Cubase it’s just not that easy to just sell on the license and move to another platform. We’re almost forced into upgrading just to try and fix the stuff that wasn’t working in the previous version. It’s pretty unethical IMO.

I actually just finished all my projects and put out three cd’s in the last couple years. All done on Cubase. But, I do not need those files anymore as they are now in the real world. I have enjoyed cubase but I am in a position to sell my license and try something else. I am a fan of Cubase I have used it for over 15 years. But, I am not really enjoying the direction that it is going and many features that folks have been requesting for years are still not available. I think it might be time to move on. I have paid into cubase and am thankful, but I see lackluster updates all the time and I am willing to try another DAW. I did like certain things about Ableton, but I could never use it as a full time DAW. Cubase was FAR superior. However, Studio One looks like it might be a good mix of what I am looking for.

The slowest kid in the class has the best shot at the “most improved” award…

I own S1 Pro and it is still way behind Cubase.

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can anyone explain what the purpose of such a thread might be? I just dont get it.

Noone forces anybody to be stuck with a product that he/she is not happy about.

What do you expect as the reaction from a company that is successful in the market?

Cubase has no reason to chase any of the competitors imho. Later written pseudo-clones have some advantages - this is always the case. On the other hand the “old players” are mature in many aspects.
We may chose. It is all up to us.

The purpose of such a threat could be to show Steinberg how their customers are looking at their competitors. At least I also have the feeling that Presonus is charging less (or nothing) for expected updates of their product and from time to time they are adding new stuff and (user requested) enhancements. S1 4.5 was free already and 4.6 seems to he free too?
SB is quite stuck to their product update policy: one major release + 2-4 bug fixing updates before the minor release (.5) and then again 2-4 maintenance updates…
Major and minor with a fee, maintenance updates free…

I love Cubase. Been using it since I switched from Logic on PC after Apple bought Emagic.

IMO where Cubase is way behind Studio One is performance. Running the exact same VSTis ,Or template, Studio One uses about half
the CPU as Cubase. I wish Steinberg would work on improving this aspect of Cubase.

But, Studio One doesn’t have any form of Retrospective Record or Capture Take etc. Which I use extensively in Cubase.


I think steinberg is anyways observing - like any good company - what the competition are doing.
This is part of business strategy.

Just my 2 cents worth

Totally true. And the frequency of their updates and customer support (from my limited experience) is definitely superior to Cubase.

Good for you, i’m in the same path actually. Still lots to finish before the new chapter can begin. :smiley:

Personally, this would be a big turn-off. I like my DAW to be a host to 3rd party software. I’m not saying DAW included amps/synths/effects are bad, but I would prefer my DAW to focus on the things any DAW is supposed to do, and it’s not VST/VSTI’s that 3rd party developers do very well.

I’m not a collector of amps, but if I were, I’m sure I could find better from developers such as UAD.
As far as a Cubase-S1 comparison, there are features missing from S1 that I consider too important to consider switching.

Isn’t it wonderful there are choices?

I use S-gear primarily, but this was just one extra offering. My point was steinberg seems to be doing lackluster updates. Nothing really important or significant has stood out over the last couple of years. I agree, I would rather Steinberg did not focus on groove agent and effects, etc. I would like to see them focus mainly on the DAW. But, they haven’t had an impressive update in years TBH. The update system they have is getting a bit silly. I usually do update, but I am starting to look at other options. I love cubase and it is the daw I am most comfortable in, no doubt. But I would like to see stronger editing features, and faster workflow enhancements, updating the gui, effects and the overall look and feel of cubase. Steinberg does have amp sims, but… They stink.

I totally disagree.Unfortunately the user-base of Cubase covers so many hobbyist up to pro users this has become the issue. For my work, updates that let me go home quicker to my children every night is what I need.
To that another guitar simulator (which already Cubase has !?) is not what is needed.

In the last updates Melodyne ARA, Import Tracks from project, Auto Align, Mixer Colours, Audio Feedback in editor key command and Direct Offline Processing improvements have delivered this for me. Making Cubase into Garageband is not what I need. The core DAW needs work and it still needs honing on all above features. Plugins and toys can be obtained from 3rd party providers or as Steinberg plugins later

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At least the Studio One works after an update…Unlike Cubase…Cubase always has tons of issues after an update… like now with Cubase 10.5…opening and closing plugins freezes Cubase forcing me to force quit and restart… a real Pain in the ass…thanks Steinberg

For past 8 years or so , alot of daws really stepped up their features and performance and got of cubase.

It looks like cubase is slowly dying ,
more and more cubase users leaving cubase for other daws,
and Steinberg is really slow catching up with features and fixing bugs.
I won’t be surprised if in few years Steinberg will shut down