Prevent NotePerformer mixer window from opening

Is there a way to not show the NotePerformer window every time you switch projects? Copy/pasting dozens of fragments between 2 projects is now closing the NotePerformer window again and again and again :mrgreen:

Thank you!

Go to Play / Playback template and select “Silence” for each project you are switching between.

Don’t forget to switch back, before your next question here is “why has playback stopped working” … :wink:

Incidentally, it might be quicker to copy a complete flow from one project to the other (or export the flow from one project and import into the other instead of copy and paste) and then do the copy/paste operations all in one project. You can have several windows open at different places in a single project - do Window / New Window.

Thank you, so when switching very often for copy/pasting you can use this temporarily, that’s fine.

I never use the NotePerformer window anyway so I just moved it out of the way to the very right of my screen until there’s a way to really prevent it from opening (and still hearing something :laughing:) then I don’t see it when it opens again.

There is also a preference to open VST windows, so try turning this off.

You can have several projects open simultaneously in Dorico, but only one window (and one project) is active at any time. When the active window changes to a different project, Dorico has to close the old VSTs and load the new ones, which can take a long time even if the VST window is closed. The “Silence” template is quicker, and makes the project files smaller as well.

Thank you, PaulWalmsley, that is the setting that I was looking for.
And thank you, Rob Tuley, I will keep that in mind when I’m switching very often between 2 projects again.

For projects where Note Performer is handling most of the instruments, the Note Performer Mixer is incredibly useful. Although it’s accessed like any other VST, I personally think it has far more in common with Dorico’s own mixer, albeit with just its own instruments. Is there any possibility a link to the NP mixer could be added alongside Dorico’s mixer? (probably the thin end of the wedge!)

We already have a couple of ways of showing NotePerformer’s interface, either from the track header or from the VST Instruments panel in Play mode, so I don’t think we’ll be adding any further means to do so. Definitely not in Dorico’s own toolbar.

Thanks Daniel - lets hope NP find a way to include their instruments within Dorico’s mixer so that they can also be managed in all modes.

Isn’t the NP interface intentionally designed to be independent of the different mixer UIs in Sibelius, Finale, and Dorico?

There is no technical way of doing this - as far as Dorico is concerned, NP is a black box that accepts MIDI and outputs audio, and NP doesn’t have any way of adding things to the Dorico UI.

Out of interest, what is it that you are needing to control from within NP’s mixer?

I’m not sure, Rob. After all, NP interacts with the Dorico Mixer, but purely on an instance as opposed to per-channel basis - so it isn’t entirely independent. I suspect NP was designed to be a one-stop shop for all instruments and, to be fair, it works extremely well on that front. But now that Dorico has opened up the ability of having NP being used in conjunction with instruments from other libraries, we get into the rather messy area of two mixers being needed.

Hi Paul. I use NP’s MIxer quite a lot. I’ll balance instruments more to my liking and I’ll change the reverb aspect. It’s very good straight out of the box, but tweaking can make it better. I rarely touch panning except when when dealing with solo voices; by using reverb and panning it’s possible to provide an element of distinction if you have (example) two tenors singing at the same time. I’d ideally like inserts to make the differences even greater but I suspect that’s a bridge too far and beyond what NP is actually intended to achieve.

Ok, I didn’t realise that NP ignores incoming MIDI volume and pan data to use its own settings. I don’t believe that you would be able to make use of inserts with NP because it only outputs a stereo mixdown for all channels, rather than having an audio output for each channel.

I’m not using Sibelius anymore, but in that program don’t Note Performer’s instruments integrate directly into the Sibelius mixer (unlike in Dorico)? (Just checking!)

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I also find it quite difficult to use NP with other instruments due to the separate mixing. I see why NP needs it and why an in NP instance per instrument probably wouldn’t make sense. However, I wonder if it would be possible for NP to use the volume data without affecting it’s cleverness.
I’d also love to vertically resize the mixers and for Dorico’s to have numerical values.

The perpetual newbie chimes in:

I unchecked the “Open VST plug-in windows when opening projects” in Preferences > VST Plug-ins and restarted Dorico (5.1).

I usually like it that the Note Performer mixer window doesn’t splash up when I open a project now.

However, sometimes I need to tweak it. How do I access that window now?


Go to Play mode, and in the Track Inspector on the left-hand side, in the Routing section, click the little e button.

Thank you, Daniel! That did it!

@EricC , have you checked out this useful thread?