Preview samples in key?

hi Cubies!

im playing around with Loopcloud and ADSR Sample manager…
both have a function where you can sync the KEY of a sample to the project.

this works great!

does Cubase had this build in?

i cant find it here on in the manual



You can use the Transpose track in Cubase.

Are you sure that works for preview?


Oh, I see… No.

You have mediabay, bit sluggish but the most powerful sample browsing out there. The thing is that you need your samples tagged (in your case key tag) set project root key, and turn on icon beside tempo following in mediabay (idk how it is called precisely cause I am not on Cubase atm)
And all samples you browsing will be tuned to project root key.


OMGGGG i did NOT know this!!!

why is this so obscure and hidden?
(just so my own incompetence is not to blame heheh)

i thought i really went throught the whole manual, this forum and youtube LOL

but i 100% missed this

THANKS 1000 times!!!

does anybody know a way to scan and tag 412,060 samples for the key LOL

Unfortunately whole thing about mediabay is basically covered, the further you can go is with Greg Ondo’s live streamings he showed some advanced tips on mediabay.
Auto tag also isn’t possible. I spent vast amount of time to tag my sample library including my own custom tags.
Keep in mind that lot of ppl are afraid to get into tagging since they think that all tags are stored in database*.db and it might corrupt and all tagging work get lost but reality is that all tags are written into files and whenever you go with your samples when media bay rescans files it recalls all tags. And this isn’t specified anywhere…

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thats exactly what i was affraid of, thanks for poiting me out

right now i add the key with Mixed In Key in the filename and then search for this keyword in the mediabay, then add the key in mediabay, it works pretty fast.

and i dont need to know all my database , just some loops and one shots

i found the threat with more info on this

As a user of Cubase for years, and a general knowledge of Media Bay, I used the free ADSR Sample manager. The question is why should I want to use ADSR instead of Media Bay?

I think my reason is mostly ease of use.

About 2 years ago I purchased Sononym. Talk about an upgrade in every way from ADSR! And yet Sononym is still…easy to work with compared to Media Bay. Keep in mind, there are reasons ADSR and Waves (upon release) were free. While they may meet your objectives, they are not nearly as advanced or fast.

Sononym, plus a lot of other sample managers I suspect, can identify the key. With this in mind, you could use Sononym as a key sorting tool. Let Sononym sort into a folder, then put that back to Media Bay and tag it with “key of A?”

Here is a review of some sample managers:

I’m genuinely curious in what makes you feel that. I’ve given media bay a few chances over the years but was never able to become good friends with it but perhaps I should rethink?
What, in your experience, puts media bay over its competition?

  1. Integrated with cubase (adding to project and sample tracks etc)
  2. iXml form metadata that are not depended on database (tags written into files)
  3. Custom tags (you can put any tags its handy for some rare percussions so I have bamboo perc, knocking wood in a swamp, or whatever comes to your mind for example)
  4. When it reads all tags and get it sober you can list certain tag very quickly. You can combine several tags, so I can pick all my claps ,acoustic, loops and list all acoustic/organic loop claps.
  5. Ability to synchronize with playback by tempo and key of the project.
  6. Ability to well organize folders, files, specs and favorites and get that in compact interface in addition with logical search which gives a bit scientific approach (handy if samples aren’t tagged) on finding samples which helps with tagging as well.

All above mentioned is for audio samples which I use with Media bay in 99% cases.

Beside that there are lot more possibilities for people who uses presets (instruments and mixer) like you can audition those instrument presets(including 3rd party plugins) while playback is running and if you like it you can add it in project with double click. Also MIDI loops (saves instrument and it’s settings with midi part) which as well you can audition with project synchronized with key and tempo. Greg explained lot of these in his streams.

Add: I was also very sceptical on the mediabay on the first shot, but as I keep exploring it gets into my workflow gradually (from version 6 I think) where now is one of the few things that keeps me attached to Cubase :relieved:

Thank you for that detailed post.
I’m still not sold. From what I can tell, you’re not listing any features that are not commonly available in 3rd party sample library managers such as ADSR, Synonym (which I haven’t tried) or Cosmos (my current favorite).
Perhaps I should give it another try still. Again.

Cosmos as it came out 2 (or how many years ago) I tested it and on some sounds was way of, like rim shot it categorized as a clap, since I have all my samples detailed tagged I can compared all those ai algos and the Atlas by Algonaut was the most precised as far I can tell for sorting drums. But I assume ai algos getting better overtime so it is worth checking those again. Thx for reminding.

For all those AI based engines one general thing has to be questioned, does AI get right tags everytime it scans library folder? Like for ex I reinstall system because previous crashed or something gets corrupted will Cosmos(or any similar AI browser) will show me 3649 shakers the same amount I had it on previous system/database?

Second personal thing I often in practice have to choose right percussion related for the genre, like some bamboo sticks, when I demoed other solutions I couldn’t take it to those details that I can with Media bay, so I put custom tag bamboo sticks/egg shaker/davul/ and no matter what happens with system or database I will have always same amount of particular sample I tagged (the 3649 shakers I take for example)

ADSR, unless its changed, does not include AI. Cosmos includes AI.

Both, IMO, are sub-par to Sononym. Whether or not Sononym is worth the $100…or $50 on sale depends on the user. Download a demo to see the difference. If you are only doing drums/percussion, i would probably look at XLN XO or something similar.

For me, a horrible behavior change occured with Media Bay around C8 or C9. They added an auto-scan feature with no option or preference to turn it off. Auto-scan happens every time you start Cubase.

The bad behavior in my situation is with your user folders, auto-scan will check boxes that you have intentionally, and for good reasons, left un-checked. There have been threads about that if you search here.

As i noticed Media Bay only auto scans from steinberg’s data directory where the presets are on every start. I didn’t notice that auto scans my Sample library folder which would take a while. Although MB is a bit sluggish on open when some tags are picked previously on second start( when you quit cubase with selected tags and open it again) it can take time to get into normal state depending how much samples you have. I have around 360,515 samples.

I am referring to the fact that it scans anything in User Content
For example in my specific application, User Content>VST3 Presets>Leapwing Audio>“my song project”

Note how I have unchecked Dreamtown?

I can then load Leapwing Stage One VST, and after loading a VSTPreset anything in the folder Dreamtown, will not show up as intended. Only Opus 8, Star of the Morning and Through the Fire will show up.

But once I close Cubase then restart, Cubase does an auto-scan and the Dreamtown box is automatically checked upon a re-scan when I intentionally do not want it checked.

He has some good pointers,

those 3rd party media managers have functions like automatic key labeling and then transposing to projects on the fly, which (for me) is a godsend feature since labeling manual is way too much work…


mediabay is just so full of options, and the menu’s and little wheels and popup menu’s and menu in menu’s are just way too much.
i learned how to work with it over the years, but i wish good luck so any new users :stuck_out_tongue:

when i open ADSR or Loopcloud or Splice, i know exactly what to do in seconds, and for the most part it just works.

for local samples i use mediabay 80% of the time

im guessing Steinberg is working on this, and probably will come up with something cool

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Got it, it is definitely bug than…

maybe its selected in one of the other browsers, midiloop or preview?

i had some wierd stuff like this happening in the background

I dont know if bug or intentional. They do knw and are aware, but have never given any explanation to my knowledge.

Maybe, in an attempt to simplify Media Bay, they thought an auto-scan would be beneficial especially to casual users. But if that’s the case, they should have given an option for auto-scan.