Print out key commands page?

Is there anyway to print out the default key commands that are assigned in Cubase 6 to use as a reference? I would simply like to have a one or two page piece of paper on my desk that I can use to help me learn the keyboard shortcuts faster. THANKS!

Yeah I think that Cubase could use a print button in lots of places. But there isn’t. If you search in the old forums you’ll find a couple where folks have written scripts that convert the key commands xml file into some form of text - the approaches varied.

Also in Windows, don’t know the Mac eq., you can use the snipping tool to capture what you see in the key commands window. Ugly and tedious, but it can get you there.

Steinberg should just publish their defaults (both assigned and unassigned commands) as a text file. If someone then customizes their key commands, it would be easy to edit the text file to show the customization. Seems like a problem that could easily not exist.

Yep, that is a great idea. Personally, I thought someone was going to post, “Go to page xxx in the manual to find the text file for key commands to print out”. I really didn’t think that nothing like this exists from Steinberg. Any idea on where I may find a forum posting that includes some or all of the key commands that I could copy into a text document to at least get started on this?

BINGO! My problem is solved! Thank you, kind sir!

For Cubase 7 the default key commands are on pages 717 through 723. :smiley:

If you are not using a Mac and not afraid of using a Windows script, here is an easy solution posted by JMCecil one month ago, which has the advantage of taking account of all the customizations that you could have done :

Working perfectly with 5.1.1, 6.5.4 and 7.0.1. I suggest the use of the HTML rendering file format, though, instead of the TXT one.