Pro 8 graphics corruption

cubase graphics botch 2.jpg
cubase graphics botch 1.jpg
Ok, I just bought the Cubase 8 pro upgrade from 7.5. Installed. They say first impressions matter. THIS does not create a good first impression. Corrupted graphics on a pc that runes 7.5 and all my other software with no problems. Did anybody outside of Steinberg’s office actually test the software on different machines?

Eddie, I have the similar first impression about Cubase Pro 8… It has few good improvements and newly added tools, but the graphic interfaces is awful… and this dependency of Aero theme… Cubase 7.5 looks much more professional gui than 8…
I’m still wandering, why Steiny decided to destroy such good looking interface?!
They just needed to include some new features, not to touch the GUI…
Unfortunately they don’t give a chance to install a demo version and try it. The only chance to check C8 is to purchase it… :frowning:

I actually do have aero enabled, and it is still doing that weird transparent background. Cubase 7 right back to start never did it. None of my other software does it. And I have a fairly decent graphics card so no lack of power there…

I like the new GUI and the trasparent background let me handle folders when I need without leave Cubase. So, different point of view. :slight_smile:
Everything looks to me more “professional”.

Eddie did you see my thread?

hi giangi50. just looked at your thread. I can’t believe this is how Cubase 8 is SUPPOSED to look. it just looks broken. why would I want to see through the program to the desktop below? when I’m working with Cubase (or any other program) I want to see that program and not be distracted by what is underneath. if I want to see “below” I minimise…

99 euro poorly spent (imho) and Steinberg does not return

So this supposed to be the way its meant to look well not a great experience for me i paid nearly £400 for cubase pro 8 but the not a very good impression is that the moderator of this forum would not even let me post a question about it saying it was off topic even though it was posted under cubase issues, nice way to treat a new customer who needed support and wanted to ask a question