Pro 8 - Zoom and ruler settings not saved with project

I’ve been using the Cubase Pro 8.0.10 Trial - now expired.
It will be a great upgrade from Cubase 6 which I own.

However, I found that version 8 does not save zoom and ruler settings with a project.

Project A
Adjust the zoom on the Arrange Page to show the whole project.
Set the ruler to Bars+Beats and Bars+Beats Linear.
Save the project and close it.

Open Project B
It’s zoom and ruler settings have changed to those of Project A.
Correct its settings and save.

Reopen Project A
Its settings have changed to those of Project B.

Is there a Preference to save the zoom and ruler with a project?
If this is a known bug with Cubase Pro 8, does 7.5 have the same problem?

Thanks for your help.

Does anyone else have these problems?
Fixed in 8.0.20?

Yes I have the same issue and it’s still happening in 8.0.20.
Anybody else?

Its realy bad with ruler. All the time to switch manually from secons to bars. Zoom also. Why are this little bugs so difficult to remove. Who cars about new Hallion features. They have to take time and bring out update with bug only fixes, after that I would work on graphics. Track colours setup needs presets and not only one active. They should offer also few factory colour presets. Like Studio one and Logic have. Whole program looks somehow not sharp enough when I compare to Studio one 3 for example.

gordon and zibelnik - thanks very much for your replies.

zibelnik - Yes bug fixes should be the priority.

I also experience this issue in 8.0.20.

Thanks for your reply.
Let’s hope this is fixed in the next update.

I do not see it in the collected issues forum, which makes me doubt whether it will appear in the next update.

<Removed comment - wrong assumptions… :wink:>

I have the same problem. In C7.5 it remembers the window locations…etc.

I did report the issue in the Issue/Reports forum, but it has been moved to Issues/Miscellaneous. Not sure why. Perhaps I hadn’t followed the rules correctly, or because I was only using the 8 Pro Trial.

Thanks for the info.
When I buy Pro 8, I’ll probably download 7.5.