Pro 9 Mixconsole UI Bug

So this is freaky. My main MixConsole window has LOST the entire “header” section and I cannot get it to come back. By header I mean the ENTIRE top section of it. the other mix consoles are OK. See my screen cap. it started by only showing like HALF of it, then it just gradually totally disappeared.

if it matters i am on 9.0.20 and just upgraded from 8.5.30

Welcome to the club…

Regards :sunglasses:

Oh wow. This has been known about since DECEMBER and still not fixed??? OUCH.

Are you aware of an actual Steirnberg bug tracking ticket for this issue?

Sorry I don’t of a ticket. But, I have read on posts that they are definitely aware of the issue.

Hope they fix it soon.

Regards :sunglasses: