Mix Console Top Menu Bar Disappears

Dragging the mixconsole window upward from the bottom to make it vertically smaller causes my menu/button bar to disappear. This is the detached window not the zoned mixer section at the bottom. (please see jpg. don’t know what this bar is called)

Windows 10 latest version. Cubase Pro 9 version 9.0.1. 24" dual HD monitors.

Steps to recreate:

  • go to devices
  • open mixconsole 3 (so we don’t screw up your main mix console)
  • drag the bottom of the detached mixconsole window all the way up
  • keep an eye on the menu/button bar as you are dragging (attached jpg because i don’t know its official designation)
  • as you are dragging the window upward, it looks like the bar is getting pushed back and then it completely disappears never to be seen again
  • so, final result for me is upper menu/button bar is gone

My bar is in the process of disappearing.

Dangerous to try it so far I’ve been unable to get that bar back in any project
I used mixer 2 BTW and only had levels and pans showing.
I’ve had to go back to disc backup to get things back to normal


I had the toolbar disappear on me as well but I forget what I was doing when it happened. So there definitely exists an issue somewhere that needs to be found.

I think I found a workaround.

  1. Close mixconsole
  2. go up top to “workspaces”
  3. click on one of the project+mixconsole presets
  4. go back to “workspaces”
  5. click on “no workspace”

-you should have your menu bar back

opps just opend the same topic issue… have the same problem here

Does not work for me.

Didn’t work for me either. In fact, in C9, I had NO default Workspace templates, only my previous custom saved template. I DID have default workspace templates in my C8.5.

Hmm… I must have unwittingly pulled in my C8.5 workspace templates when I copied all of the app and user data from it to C9. I’ve attached a pic of what I see in there.

:exclamation: ATTN Steinberg… this bug is VERY easily reproducible. Could you confirm it for us???

Confirmed here. In my case, the bar reappeared after restarting Windows and loading my custom template.

Confirmed here as well. Plus the scroll handles for navigating in the lower window are gone.

This has been driving me mental. Any idea as to whether it’s being looked into? It happens on my friends win 7 and my win 10, cubase 9 elements for me.

Bug is still there after latest bugfix
Confirmed yet again but still not made the bug list.


Hi, i’ve been having the same issue today and it was driving me crazy but thankfully i found this solution from ‘Martin . Jirsak’. Please try it and if it works give him the appropriate thanks.

Here’s the original page also:


Hope this helps as it worked for me. Should never have been an issue in the first place, kinda think steiny dropped the ball on this one!


I have Cubase element 9 and none of the fixes shown in this tread works for me. Any other suggestions, this is highly frustrating

Same Issue just developed today. I don’t see the “Reset Layout” button. :frowning:

Didn’t work for me. :frowning: And I can’t find the mentioned “reset layout” button. There is no such item on my “Windows” menu.

Has this been bug-reported? I have no idea how it happened and wouldn’t know how to reproduce it – I just want it to go away. :cry: :cry: :cry:

This worked for me (It’s been mentioned in another thread).

I’m not sure if I’ve ran into this bug yet in 9.0.10 but it may still be there lurking under the hood.

On the Windows system there is no “Reset Layout” choice on the Windows menu. :frowning:

I trashed the preferences and the controls returned, but now there are two other issues with Cubase 1) Left Zone visibility will not widen to show fully track names and track numbers, 2) “Scroll to selected tracks” is not working. Lovely. Somehow this problem seems related to the disappearing Mixer Controls and the strange Zoom in the Channel Settings window. Very unhappy Cubase camper this week. :frowning:

hey all :slight_smile:

I have workspace problems since Cubase 7.5 or 8, if I remember correctly.
C9 made it worst, I can NOT use Cubase at all because the mixer is not usable (completely disarranged).

Is here anyone who uses 3 LCDs with Cubase?
I can not put the mixer on (let’s say) the 3rd monitor, the main window on the main/1st monitor and the transport/time/cpu load windows on monitor 2 and save this workspace as I could with C7 or C7.5.

Everytime I load the workspace, the mixer jumps to 2nd monitor, but the moment I try to move or resize it, it completely rearranges several widths you can think of (and also the top disappears).

Steinberg support ALWAYS replies with “reinstall Cubase” or “delete Folder x” etc, this DOES NOTHING, it’s a bug and this bug gets worse with every new update/upgrade. I stopped to contact support because I never got any helpful reply.

So hopefully I can find someone here using 3 screens and who is able to maybe try and reproduce this behavior?
I could not find anyone with 3 screens yet :confused: