Pro Tools Adds Expanded Track Widths

9.1.4 is a very hot film and music mixing platform - Nuendo needs to get with the program.

The Lw (Left Wide) and Rw (Right Wide) really open up a new dimension. I use them to set up a virtual sound stage with the fronts. Something you really can’t do with surrounds especially in music mixing. Like getting the vocals in front of the mix but not in your ear. You create 3D within 3D…

I think you can pretty safely bet they’ll catch up soon. If memory serves me it’s been a back and forth between PT and Nuendo, so that when Nuendo finally got Atmos you could do things in it that you couldn’t do with just PT. Also, both Nuendo and Resolve maxed out at 7.1.4 on release and only recently did Resolve get more channels, and now PT - so it stands Nuendo will as well.

Interestingly though in the article Reichman gives an interesting caveat about the top channels. I think it doesn’t apply to Nuendo…

The ceiling speakers are a very interesting topic on to themselves.

I can see for films, the more the better as thing fly overhead. For music I see them more as ambient tracks either reverb or first reflections. Maybe if the song called for it a solo moving overhead but I see that as rarely being warranted.

As for beds, I have no direct knowledge but i believe that is fixed by the algorithm. They are already fitting 10 pounds in a 1-oz tin. I haven’t reached the point of trying it (waiting on cables) but I imagine for 9.1.4 music renders I will use objects for the 4-ceiling speakers and all the ground levels in beds.

Anyone here have any 9.1.4 music mixing experiences

The one thing I find exciting in this ProTools release is Track Markers.
Could really use that in Nuendo, and have them imported from.editing software via AAF.

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Don’t forget that Nuendo is capable of 22.2 by default.

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Things flying overhead do NOT need 7.1.4 beds, because that is what Objects were designed for in the first place.
I think the whole debate about having 7.1.4 or 7.1.6 beds is a little bit pointless (my own opinion, obviously) because in any case you end up with a “cheat” that uses Objects to create the Top channels anyway. The RMU still has only 7.1.2 as a max Bed width, or am I mistaken?

ProTools “track markers” is exactly what I’ve been missing for years.
I really hope Steinberg comes up with something similar.
Unfortunately, a marker track is only suitable to a limited extent, since markers do not have multiple lines and are not tied to a track.

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I find being able to have more than one Marker track in Nuendo, along with all the details you can have in each marker, way better than PT’s implementation. I do have their latest version… did they make their better now? I don’t use it much anymore.

@murrysdad mixing in 9.1.4 here. We have a wide room so it makes sense and makes a big difference for us. You can be more precise between the L/R and Ls/Rs as that covers a big angle, the wides gives you more definition.

Bummer the 9.1.4 isn’t integrated in Nuendo yet, although it works with the External Dolby Renderer.

If you have the space I can only recommend it.