Pro Tools Clip Definitions?

Can WL read the clip/region definitions in the header of a Wave or AIFF the way Pro Tools exports them? I tried it briefly and it didn’t work. Would be a huge help…


What info clip/region definitions contain?


Not sure I know exactly what you’re asking– but it’s their way of exporting clip/region edits into the header of the parent audio file. Then another app can open the file and recognize the clips, where edits have been made. I’m not sure if their way is proprietary, or part of a standard, apparently several other editors support them. Maybe it’s something like when WL writes markers directly into the WAVE file (?).

Does that help?



Maybe check out this tool “EdiMarker”

I love to see this working together with WL…

regards S-EH

There might be something in this tool, perhaps?


Adding OMF support to WaveLab perhaps? I’ve looked at AATranslator for some other needs (Adobe video software to Pro Tools or REAPER) but they don’t mention supporting WaveLab from what I see.

Maybe you could ask them to look into adding WaveLab support.

They were very responsive when I asked them a few questions but the other limitation is that it’s Windows only though they say it runs OK using Wine if you are willing to configure that.

I’m pretty sure I got basic Wavelab/Pro Tools back and forth with aatranslator by converting Pro Tools to AES31 and vice-versa in aatranslator. Then using AES31 import and export in Wavelab.
They don’t specifically indicate Wavelab/Pro Tools convert on the webpage, but the AES31 back and forth seemed to work ok for the basics of a conversion, including markers and edits I think, unless I’m misremembering. You might have to save as Pro Tools 5 or 7 first or maybe not, I don’t recall for certain. But it’s worth a try. I bought the program but don’t currently have it installed.

But if there’s info in the Pro Tools wav files, that would maybe be simpler. as bheller and SE-H request.