Pro Tools vs Nuendo

Not to start one of those flame wars but I have Pro Tools 10 and 11 Native, and neither of them light a candle to Nuendo 6.5.

I’m not talking just about the features list. Pro Tools runs out of memory and processing power and has all sorts of timing issues with the UAD plugins.

I’m sure if i got in deeper with pro Tools i would find better ways of drawing in automation nd organizing but I’m surprised more people aren’t in to Nuendo.

I know it’s popular to gripe about the program you have, but try Pro Tools Native some time if you want something to complain about.

Just sayin’.


I have protools - on the shelf in the store room…

The last version of PT on my systems is 9 and I only use that to consolidate incoming PT sessions as needed.

As of 6.5, Nuendo is becoming increasingly impressive. There is so much depth under the hood that if you really take the time to mentally own the app, then utilize it’s insane amount of customization potential, you can appear to be a magician to your clients. I get a lot of, “how did you just do that?”

Admittedly, this is from a music producer. At one point, I did use Nuendo for post regularly, but I have returned to pure music focus and find there are features I just won’t give up in Nuendo.

There are many areas where Nuendo is far better, a few areas where Pro Tools is far better and some areas where both are pretty dreadful. Given the choice, I would use Pro Tools for audio work and Nuendo for MIDI, but if I could only choose one program it would be Nuendo.


At least Pro Tools have had a consistent looking mixer for 4 major versions (with a few minor tweaks - not a completely new workflow). So for mixing it is very good after the 64-bit Pro Tools 11 version came by.

I have not invested in PT11 yet. Still on PT10, mainly for compatibility with other producers/studios.

But then again, PT native is more comparable with Cubase Artist when it comes to features. Locked down to 32 ins/outs as a way to force people on to their much more expensive HD systems.

Nuendo should cover all the PT bases, and more :slight_smile:

PS. I wish Nuendo had a simular “Import Session Data” feature. Nuendo 7?

I use both on a daily basis. They each have workflow considerations that need to be taken account of. After that you can do in PT 11 what you can do in Nuendo 6.x. Cons for PT11, Still can’t freeze tracks, and the bounce dialogue has improved but not enough. Still no Post Fader Insert. The mixer is pretty simple. Pros for PT11 I find that AAX licensed Plug-ins are more stable than their VST counterparts, The mixer allows me to put any track type where I want, I can more easily assign multiple simultaneous outputs from a single channel, Audiosuite is fast and straightforward, and the Automation is better than Nuendo. PT Groups, VCA’s, Trimming for post production workflow makes so much more sense than Nuendo. Also the Nuendo 6.07 multichannel panner does not have smoothing enabled, so depending on your content you can get stepping or snapping. Pro Tools has a much better sounding Surround panner. Not sure what the latency trade off they made there, but it’s minimal. Nuendo Pro’s are a Fantastic Audio Export Dialogue, so much easier to bounce what you want than PT, Track Freezing!, The I/O setup in Nuendo is so much more intuitive and easier to use than PT. I hate how PT does the I/O and Bussing setup. I can do what I want to hear in either of them, but if you don’t learn the workflow requirements of each you will be dead in the water.

Maybe it’s just the native version but the i,constant issues I had with running out of memory and processing power and then my UAD plug ins causing latency issues were just too much to keep trying.

Wait 'till you see what’s in Nuendo 7…


PT lacks a lot of things i love in nuendo like the control room with it’s integrated talkback, monitoring, surround iosono, multiple marker tracks, adr, bounce dialog.

PT on the other hand has snapshot automation with unlimited number of parameters. That’s the big advantage over Nuendo for audio post at the moment. It’s a very serious mixing feature nuendo does not have to offer.

Stop teasing us Fredo its not fair.

Thank you. At last :slight_smile:

I just upgraded to PT 11 HD from v10 only to stay compatible but Find the mixing in Nuendo is leaps ahead. I get very frustrated with PT 's Automation (sorry bobdemaa) Most guys I mix with hate the VCA, I guess if you are doing live sound it makes sense. Pro Tools has had the same mixer since v4, Moving track is easy in N6. I actually like the fact when I make a Group or Fx track I know where I can find it later, on PT you have to look for it and that can be hard when you have sessions over 100+ tracks. Automated groups, Control room, Monitoring mix stems, being able to drag a 5.1 or stereo track up to a mono track and have Nuendo just mix it down and ADR2 are just a few things from many options available that make PT users drool. PT does have a few things that are cool as IBM quoted, the import track and destructive record. Although a studio with more then one licences can merge track very sexy using the Network option. sorry, this is leaving PT in the dust again. Bobdemaa, did you have a chance to use the Anymix Pro? great sounding and its up mix is superb,



7+1, That’s 8!

Yes, Cubase 8 :laughing:

There is a good chance that we will have something similar for 7.


This, is great, great news!

This would be worth the price of an update, even if there were no other new features. It would be one less reason to use Pro Tools for most of my mix sessions.


I’m the opposite here - I find Nuendo much faster for mixing. To do quick session setup I’ve set up track archive modules for various elements which contain all my bussing and routing. I can quickly import and assign source tracks to them and as my busses never change, a mix session is always familiar.