[Probably solved in 10.5.12] Massive CPU overload in 10.5.1 (but not in 9.5.40)

10.0.60 - when? Or is it under the rug already?

A very quick test indicates that .12 has fixed the issue. Moving plugins now merely result in the “classic” 0.5-1 sec hickup, which is acceptable to me. There are no more maxed out asio meters.


Thanks Steinberg for getting on this.

Seems to be fixed now!

Thank you SB! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. I updated to 10.5.12 but i still get the peak audio signal even if i have absolutely no track added to my project. This is absolutely ridiculous. My CPU is in perfect condition and my Pro Tools on the same machine is able to handle everything perfectly well. I think I made a mistake of buying Cubase without trying it well. Does Cubase have plans to fix this or not?

This is weird. What is “peak audio signal” in your case? And – the original issue was with plugins, which cannot happen with no tracks in the project. More details, inc. your system specs?


I have the same probllem with cubase v10.
how did you guys fixed it ?


If you are referring to the issue with spikes/hangs when moving/inserting/etc plugins: updated to .12. That solved it.


No it didn´t. For me anyway. And what I have read there´s more ppl still wrestling with this issue.

I am using window 8 PC with Cubase 10.0.20 and with very small project i get same problems as you guys says here.

The MacOS problems are not necessarily related to the ones fixed in .12.


I’m not sure that Win8 is supported anymore. You should check the required system specs.


This is the ONLY thing that worked for me:

Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > Check “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme”

Try that out, fixed it for me!