problem installing SX 3

hi guys, - I need help in installing SX 3 so I can convert my old .all files to CB 8.
I downloaded SX3.1_CD_Installer_PC from the server but it stops at "skipping file - c\windows\fonts\stein___ttf and I have to kill it via task manager.

I also tried the Update_CubaseSX_3.1.1.944.exe. This stops with the message “there are other activated processes which stop the installations process. Please restart the computer” etc…
The dongle is not attached.
Any thoughts ?

Hi madsv,
I’m afraid this will not work on W7/64. You will have to install an XP32 and try again.
I have the same problem. I have to dig out an old PC and install XP32 on it so I can istall SX3.
I’m not sure if it works on a virtual XP.


Or you could try following these instructions for installing SX3 on W7.

Thank’s for replying guys!
I solved it by booting in safe mode and installed from there.
Thank’s to Svengali for this info here: