Problem on Dorico 4 of zoom

Dorico 4 - Windows 10

Hi, I noticed a different behavior between version 3.5 and 4.
If you notice in the video, if I have a flow and try to use the zoom with the mouse wheel to get closer or move away, Doric does not keep the vision on the same flow, but goes back or back between the flows.
In version 3.5 this problem was not there and you could always get closer or move to change flow.
Among other things, I saw that if you switch from a stream to another, the first flow window appears to the left (as happened with version 3.5) but if you switch from a stream to another at random, to Example, from 5 to 7 or 10 or 3, almost never the first window of the flow goes to the left, as happened with version 3.5.
I hope you can place the thing.

I hope I explained myself.
Look at the video so it’s easier … :slight_smile:

This has been noted in another thread, but I can’t remember where. For now, if you have something selected, then zooming should work as before. The problem happens if nothing is selected.

It’s also not an issue with Windows scroll wheel, only a problem with Mac scroll (pinch zoom is fine)

Actually, on my MacBook Pro it happens with pinch zooming, I don’t have a mouse.

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Hm, my trackpad on a Mac Pro desktop is no issue. Dunno

Yep, it was this one. It is noted.

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