Problem uploading video

Hi, I have a problem uploading a video. Once the video is loaded, you only see the first few seconds of the video, after which you only hear the spoken track and the images disappear. It is a movie of just over a minute in mp4 format. Do you have any suggestions?

Can you explain better?
Are you trying to upload a video in this forum?
And then you want to read it form your browser?

I’m trying to upoload a video in Dorico, but even if the video is loaded into the project, you only see the first few seconds, after which you no longer see anything. The video does not give problems if I use the built-in player in Windows …

mp4 use a lot of different format codec/bitrate… so sometimes it doesn’t work in certain program… forme it was often in Cubase 10 .
I never tried in Dorico
But you can take the free program converter from miro,and convert mp4 to mp4 with in general the good codec . very fast. Allways worked for me when I used it with Cubase:
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Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, the problem is always the same a few seconds of video and then only the narrator is heard. I really don’t understand what this could depend on …

Bad news
Did you try with other mp4? I tried here and don’t have any problem
Try to import one from youtube and attach it in a flow

It’s a video that I downloaded for a competition and therefore I must necessarily use that file… :slightly_frowning_face:

If you want give me the link and I can try for you

If it’s " The-Orchestra-ComposerContestVideo" I just downloaded it yet and it works here

Yes, that’s it! :sweat_smile:

it would be a pity not to win the first prize for a story of playing video files :joy:
Do you other format like mov to try in Dorico? Can you read the mp4 in Cubase?

In fact it is the first time I use Dorico for this purpose i don’t have Cubase but Reaper, and it is quite frustrating :unamused: :grimacing: … now I try with the mov format … thanks for understanding … :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Try to convert the file here mp4 to mov:

I tried converting it to mov and it works
So you have a good chance of winning, I will not participate in the contest: Haha! :joy:
I have often done the exercise:



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Nothing to do … the strange thing is that with Notion 6 the video loads without problem :joy: … I hope someone from Steinberg can tell me why …

Thanks dup for not attending :rofl: … but at this point i’m not so sure i’m attending either … :unamused:

Please anyone have any idea how to fix this? :sweat: I tried again but nothing changes the image freezes almost immediately and only the spoken voice is heard. I have read step by step the procedure for importing a video into Dorico and connecting it to the flow and it is correct. I have Windows 10 64 bit Intel I5 760 quad core and 16gb Ram.

Can you please provide a link to the video file that is giving you problems?

This is the link:

What I don’t understand is why using Notion 6 the video connects seamlessly to the score. But I don’t want to use Notion, but Dorico! :sweat_smile: I abandoned Notion because working and programming expression maps is really complicated … thanks for the support!

The video certainly appears to be compatible with Dorico’s video engine, and it plays back as expected for me on my Mac. I’m unable to try it out for myself on Windows, but I’ll ask one of my colleagues with access to a Windows machine to give it a try as well.

Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers, in case that might help?

Thank you so much Daniel! Apparently my system is up to date but I will check to be sure. I’d have been “happier” :sweat_smile: if the problem also involved the other notation software I own (Notion 6 and Overture) but the problem only occurs with Dorico. :roll_eyes: